Friday, January 21, 2011

Gary Crowton and Steve Kragthorpe: Has Anyone Ever Seen Them in the Same Place at the Same Time?

Thursday brought the rest of the Southeastern Conference some highly enjoyable news when LSU announced that it was indeed hiring the razer of Louisville, Steve Kragthorpe, as its new offensive coordinator.  Kragthorpe made a name for himself when he took over at Louisville for Bobby Petrino and promptly burned it all to the ground, then salted the charred earth on which it once stood. 

Luckily for LSU, Kragthorpe shares many of the same offensive philosophies as recently departed offensive coordinator Gary Crowton, so the transition should be a relatively smooth one.  And let's not overlook that Kragthorpe will not need to waste two years destroying the machine Crowton built because a machine is not a machine if it's composed of a basket of sticks, some chicken wire and a note requesting the return of the chickens that escaped.

Crowton believed in a rushing attack that, with enough attempts, might just smash through that cement barrier:


Crowton's passing concepts could be slightly confusing, but once you applied it to the right field, you knew you just needed to throw it deep every four plays:


Overall, Crowton was looking for, well, no one really knows. Let's just see what Google images turns up when I search for "how are they ever going to win a game?"

(I swear I didn't look for that intentionally. It was the second image on the search.)


Interestingly enough, both men share the same passion for two elements of football, which require zero installation for the new offense:

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