Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Five Words and Pictures That Adequately Describe Florida's Season Thus Far


Two Days Before the Miami (OH) Game: "John Brantley will offer exactly a zero percent decline in quarterback from Tim Tebow. If anything, he will throw for EVEN MORE TOUCHDOWNS."


One Day Before the Miami (OH) Game: "FINALLY, A REAL PASSING QUARTERBACK."


Day After the Miami (OH) Game: "Wait, you're telling me a quarterback who has never taken a meaningful snap and is not a great athlete is a significant drop-off from the greatest quarterback in the history of college football? Has Urban lead me astray?"


Day After the South Florida Game: "Where did the supersonic engine go? What are we, POOR?"


Day After the Tennessee Game: "This is safe, right? I mean, we're good, right? Shouldn't be worried about anything, should I? Cool? I do like its classic feel."

"What do all these lights on the dashboard mean?"


  1. not as good as the Ole Miss one, but still classic.

  2. not that anyone cares, but watch this and look at chad jones leg...