Thursday, September 30, 2010

Five Words and Pictures That Adequately Describe Arkansas' Season Thus Far


Dreams of a season riding on an arm touched by Zeus himself, and an attitude that screams Blue Steel.

HOPE 2.0

Things jumped up a notch when Magnum was revealed.

Note:  It's not my fault Arkansans have a limited vocabulary and rely on the same 17 words to communicate.


"We told you that Houston Nutt was no good!  You got what was comin', boy!"
/reviews Houston Nutt's correspondence
/reviews Houston Nutt's emails
/reviews Houston Nutt's phone records
/reviews Houston Nutt's text messages
/digs through Houston Nutt's garbage
/tails Houston Nutt to the grocery store
/conducts stakeout of Houston Nutt's home
/reports findings to Internet

Arkansas:  Come to Our State and Wish You Were in Yours

HOPE 65.0

"If we beat Alabama, here we shall be."


"Well, horseshit.  At least Orlando should be nice."

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