Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Five Words and Pictures That Adequately Describe Auburn's Season Thus Far


"I'm sorry, I thought you said we would NOT be starting a plodding, delicate, jelly-armed middle-aged white man at quarterback this year. You did?"
/vomit and the shakes ensue


"So you say that black man that is the size of seven Chris Todds is our new quarterback? What is his name? Cameron? What a beautiful creature!"


"He looks nothing like what we've had since Dameyune Craig!  Huzzah!"
While Jason Campbell was indeed a black quarterback, he was essentially Daniel Cobb with a stronger arm.


Behold! The New Israel has been chosen! The great prophet Chizik has spoken!


Does that look like an easy place to win a football game if you're the visiting team?

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  1. If Salvador Dali had a blog about SEC football I imagine it would be a lot like this post all the time.

    ...think about it...