Friday, September 17, 2010

Stop Looking at the Clock; It's Not Even Lunchtime Yet

Soon, my friends, soon you'll feel the sweet arrival of the weekend.  A joyous time filled with football, inactivity, obnoxious calorie consumption and the usual Sunday night depression that will destroy your good memories in about .7 seconds when it sets in, usually around 7 o'clock.  Until that time, and to assist your efforts to not do work on a Friday (or whatever it is you do on a Friday DAMN YOU COLLEGE STUDENTS I HATE YOU AND YOUR LIFE), a fresh truckload of links has arrived, some more valuable than others.

Dexter McCluster, I love you

I miss your laugh, I miss your musk and I'm a mess without you.

At least he got paid

Stewart Mandel pulls his useful and informative hat out of storage
Insightful article into the NCAA's Agent, Gambling and Amateurism Activities division.  Not-so-shocking revelation:  Only 4 people work in this group that oversees all NCAA members.  Something like (and my math could be off here) one staff person for every 6 billion athletes.  Shocking revelation:  I went to school from the fifth grade to 12th grade with the first NCAA employee mentioned in the article.

By the way, I recently discovered that my claim of the NCAA having only four people working in their Eligibility Center was wrong.  Turns out, they have about 55.  But, those 55-ish employees have to go through 90,000 transcripts to determine a prospective athlete's eligibility.  That works out to about 1,636 transcripts a person, assuming every employee does transcript work, which is probably not the case.  So there's your answer as to why it takes a quarter of a century for a player's eligibility to be determined.  Perhaps cutting back on the $6 million the NCAA spends on 14 pretenders-that-this-is-about-academics and freeing up some of the $700 million in revenue might allow for a few more employees here.

Urban Meyer is "real upset"about the 30th player arrest under his watch
Whew, that was all the reassurance I needed.  Moving on to something else...

He went on to say (stuff in the parenthesis is my words):
"I don't care (yes, the 30 arrests in less than six years tells us that)," he said, when asked if he was concerned the program was being perceived that way.  "We do our best to win games (we recruit ANYONE WHO IS REALLY GOOD AT FOOTBALL).  Dirty program?  It's not a dirty program (30 arrests might tend to argue with that).  We follow the rules (30 arrests suggest not so much) and some guys make mistakes and we've got to correct those mistakes (like not going to jail).  We follow the rules (again, 30 arrests).  We do it the right way at Florida and we have to do a better job with correcting some of the people making mistakes (the State of Florida penal system is there to assist!)."

The end of electricity jokes about the South
MICHIGAN HAS NEVER HAD LIGHTS IN ITS STADIUM.  Welcome to modern America, hillbillies. 

A.J. Green's agent-ish friend seems like he's heading in the right direction
In addition to not playing the role of first degree asshole, he should probably stop driving around with marijuana and cocaine in his car.

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