Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get to Know Your SEC Football Players: Christian Holmes Edition

It's June, it's hot, and other than Ohio State committing one NCAA violation after another (welcome to the NCAA party, North Carolina!), not very much is going on right now.  However, to prevent your brain from entering a complete state of mush, we begin our annual offseason educational process of learning about the players who we both curse and praise during football season.  

Through this weekly, perhaps more if things get REALLY boring this summer, get-to-know-you format, it is my hope that you learn a little something about the player in this spot so that you may properly identify him as he destroys your team's chances to win a game with either a great or WHATTHEHELLAREYOUDOING play, is arrested, or is simply milling around in the background of shots of the sidelines.

Selection of players and teams is done through a super-secret formula that consists of I'm in charge, will do as I please, and mind your own business.  At the very least, I will not choose a team twice until all teams have been represented.

#44 Christian Holmes, LB, Mississippi State

Some background information
Well, well, well. I go and run my mouth about getting starters and contributors so far for this thing and here we are with a true freshman linebacker who's not going to play this year. However, we did catch somewhat of a break here as Christian is all over the Twitter scene, specializing in Tweets that are less than 10 words:

Sound advice and dedication from a player who looks to have his head on straight.

Greatest on-field accomplishment
Yet to occur, minus high school moments, which I'm sure were lovely.  I've only been looking through his Twitter pictures for about 10 minutes, but this is the best one so far:

Recognizing Alabama rednecks at the beach:

Taste in movies:

Seriously, you can't watch this one and not watch Tokyo Drift as well.

Based on 10 seconds of me looking at his picture, what is his favorite song, movie, TV show, or piece of literature
The yet-to-be made summer blockbuster, Seven Fast, Seven Furious.

Where to look for him in 2011
Twitter. Barring injuries in front of him, it doesn't seem likely Christian will see significant playing time. I'd keep an eye out for him in the background of shots of the sidelines and maybe even during special team plays.

Coach Mullen, any final thoughts?

"Christian's a great kid. He's gonna help us keep the Egg Bowl trophy in Starkville for a long time."

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