Friday, June 10, 2011

Casino Appalachia: Act Three

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And so it ends. Bill Stewart is out as West Virginia head coach for "conduct detrimental to the university," or, more plainly, "trying to destroy Dana Holgorsen before Dana Holgorsen could destroy himself with casino ejections and alcohol incidents," which is probably the most Bill Stewart thing ever. If you ever watched Stewart's team play, you know that they rarely waited for the other team to do something dumb first. Stewart believed in preemptive strikes of confusion and tomfoolery, usually on the offensive side of the ball, which resulted in losing games he had no business losing.

As a result of Stewart's self-destruction, Holgorsen goes from coach-in-waiting to 3 a.m. casino evictee to head coach all in the span of a few months, and receives a $900,000 raise. So let this be a lesson to those who say nothing good ever happens after midnight. What you really mean is that Bill Stewart is a form of chaos roaming the planet, invincible to the laws of physics and order in this universe.

And with that, the curtain falls. However, with Holgorsen's rise into the spotlight, there's a chance the TV version of Casino Appalachia could see the light of day. But for now, we bid you a fond farewell. One more time, boys!

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