Monday, June 20, 2011

Matthew McConaughey Reviews Mike Leach's Book

As you may have heard, former Texas Tech coach, and forever nemesis of Craig James, Mike Leach has a book coming out next month. Titled Swing Your Sword, because there is no other name for a Mike Leach book, it promises to be Leach's views on everything from coaching to leadership to barometric pressure to the best item to get on McDonald's breakfast menu. Plus, the part where he mentions how much Craig James REALLY REALLY sucks will be awesome.

Who better to review such important tales of pirating, scoreboard lighting up, and dating advice than America's favorite movie star who became one of his characters in real life, Matthew McConaughey. .

Take it away, Matthew*...

"He’s one of the most unique people I’ve ever met. He’s infinitely curious about everything. He doesn’t come in there and meet new situations with an agenda. He likes to walk straight up and ask the tough questions. He loves it when someone is real as can be. He wants to learn something new. He wants to hear another point of view on something.

Mike Leach is an infinitely interesting guy. His free association is epic. Nobody has the ability to free associate like this guy. He starts going and you’re thinking, ‘O.K., where are you going with this?’ I love his re-set. His re-set line is always, ‘well, the thing is.’ Whenever he switches gears to another subject, that his comma, it’s ‘Well, the thing is. . . ‘"


"As can be."

Free association?


If you called Mike Leach "Melba Toast," which it's highly possible you do, what would he be packing?

*Did not make the quote up. That's his actual review on the Amazon page.

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