Thursday, June 23, 2011

Get to Know Your SEC Football Players: D.L. Moore Edition

It's June, it's hot, and other than Ohio State committing one NCAA violation after another (welcome to the NCAA party, North Carolina!), not very much is going on right now.  However, to prevent your brain from entering a complete state of mush, we begin our annual offseason educational process of learning about the players who we both curse and praise during football season.  Through this weekly, perhaps more if things get REALLY boring this summer, get-to-know-you format, it is my hope that you learn a little something about the player in this spot so that you may properly identify him as he destroys your team's chances to win a game with either a great or WHATTHEHELLAREYOUDOING play, is arrested, or is simply milling around in the background of shots of the sidelines.

Selection of players and teams is done through a super-secret formula that consists of I'm in charge, will do as I please, and mind your own business.  At the very least, I will not choose a team twice until all teams have been represented.

#82 D.L. Moore, WR, South Carolina

Some background information
Last summer when I did this, I'm not sure we got two starters (or major contributors) the entire time I did this thing, but we'll ride this hot streak until we crash face first into Kentucky's redshirt freshman punter. Speaking of Kentucky (THIS IS HOW YOU TRANSITION, PEOPLE), D.L. Moore, the redshirt junior, arrived in Columbia via Bowling Green, Kentucky, where he played high school football. One of the more interesting tidbits about Moore is that he caught the lone touchdown in the Papa John's Bowl disaster in Birmingham, a bowl game in which South Carolina lost to UConn and caused Steve Spurrier to hate his life and Stephen Garcia with the fire of a thousand suns.

Out of high school, D.L. turned down an opportunity to play for Nebraska and become the first player to be strangled to death by Bo Pelini with a piece of Trident gum. It hasn't happened yet, but it will, it most certainly will.

Greatest on-field accomplishment
For the second straight week, a special teams player gets obliterated by our featured player, albeit, this time, cheaply:

Like every South Carolina wide receiver since Spurrier's arrival, he's 6'4" and over 210 pounds. With a half dozen wide receivers that size, including Alshon Jeffery (would certainly get an apartment with him), it blows the mind into thousands of little tiny pieces that Stephen Garcia has not once thrown 30+ touchdowns in a season (pre-Marcus Lattimore).

Stephen Garica is in charge of getting him the ball, and if he fails, Connor Shaw answers the bell.

Based on 10 seconds of me looking at his picture, what is his favorite song, movie, TV show, or piece of literature

Where to look for him in 2011
Projected as a starter again, D.L. should see his numbers from last year (17 rec., 164 yards, 2 TDs) go up. But then again, Stephen Garcia is involved so who knows. Regardless, you'll see him on the field, most likely blocking for Marcus Lattimore, or chasing down a defender after an errant Garcia throw.

Coach Spurrier, any final thoughts?

No? Alright then. D.L. Moore, everyone!

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  1. Woo hoo! Give 'em hell, D! Go Cocks!