Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick Fix for Your Thursday

Moving along quickly because I have very important things to do.  MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR THINGS TO DO.

Wisconsin is asking for a new athletic facility?
I'm sorry, I thought this was college football in America.  You don't ask, you do it.  The Badgers want to build a $76.8 million athletic performance center (WOMEN'S SPORTS ALERT) just five years after a $100 million expansion of Camp Randall Stadium, and are in the process of lobbying for the money and the go ahead to begin construction.  Now, as you probably know, I am pretty unfamiliar with Big 10 football and culture.  I do know that speed is not a requirement to play football there and that Commissioner Jim Delany slithers instead of walking.  That's about it.  So forgive me if I don't understand why ground wasn't broken on this project yesterday.

In the SEC, we don't petition anyone for the okay to build something for sports.  If we want to build it, then we most certainly need it.  Cost won't fit into the state budget?  Goodbye high school art classes and band.  Hello fundraisers and pledge drives.  WE CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT 18 HOT AND COLD POOLS, MEDIA ROOMS AND STORAGE CLOSETS LARGE ENOUGH TO HOUSE EVERY JET FROM THE USS JOHN C. STENNIS.  Hell, the people that do the actual physical building would probably build our mega-complexes for free if they got some tickets out of the project.  Tisk, tisk, Wisconsin.  I thought you cared about sports.

UConn suspends backu...ah, no one gives a damn

There appears to be a great disturbance taking place in the western conferences of college football
Unfortunately, I cannot give proper description or time in thought as to what is happening with Fresno State and Nevada.  Apparently, both are leaving either the Mountain West and going to the WAC, or both are leaving the WAC and going to the Mountain West.  I can't be sure because I always assumed both were the same conference.  Someone with organizational skills needs to put all of that in chart or graph-like format that the USA Today uses so well for those of us who don't want to read an article, but want a summary.

Also, BYU is probably going to become an independent in football and stay in one of those conferences in all other sports.  What does this mean?  BYU will still be playing in a December 20-ish bowl game every year.

Mark Richt is living like a man with a starting quarterback who has no college experience
Fully clothed, backwards dive/flip from the 10m platform. No thank you.

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