Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cleaing Out the Storage Room of Links and Whatever Is in the Box Labled "Junk"

First an administrative note, as the author, most important person and king of The Belly of the Beast will be on the road tomorrow, attending to matters relating to none-of-your-business.  So while nothing new will be posted tomorrow, feel free to check in and read content from last football season so that you can get a quick hit of football, then realize that I am just as inaccurate in football opining than those who spend more than one hour a day frantically trying to jam something into this space.

On to the links and other notes of varying degrees of importance and entertainment.  Some of these are a few days old, but still highly enjoyable.

Top Five in All-Americans, Hanging Around the Bottom in Literacy

In Alabama's defense, learnin' is not something we do well in the South. And if not for our more educated brethren elsewhere, I doubt anyone would have noticed. However, there is one thing we do well in the South and that's CARING MORE ABOUT THE ACTIONS OF 18-22 YEAR OLDS WE'VE NEVER MET AND MOST LIKELY WILL NEVER MEET MORE THAN YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR FAMILY.

/shoots shotgun at stop signs on the way home from work

Also, if Dan Mullen were coaching Ole Miss, he would most certainly begin calling Mississippi State the school with one "P."

The University of Georgia and the City of Athens Deserve a Visit from General Sherman
Around the 3:15 mark, look for the exact moment Mark Richt's personal assistant gets fired.

Ole Miss Picks Up a Transfer from the Philistines

That massive blocker of the sun is Terrell Brown, who's listed at 6'11" and 390 pounds. While doubtful he'll ever see the field, he will provide Houston Nutt with an oak tree substitute under which to stand when the sun really starts to beat down on the practice fields (and potentially during any 11:20 games this season). Since I've been going to Ole Miss games, two guys have really stood out from everyone else in terms of size. First, Todd Wade carried the title of biggest human being I've ever seen. He held the title until John Jerry arrived on campus and easily defeated the MPSA product. Now, assuming Brown is still around when I make it to a game this fall, Jerry will no longer be the champion of size.

Pat Forde Rounds Up 2010's Todd Reesings
Forde scoured the college football landscape and found all the guys that put up numbers that can only be explained through inferior competition because they sure as hell don't have the quarterbacking skill to really put up these numbers and results.  Or as he puts it, guys who find a way to win.  My only objection to this list is Tyrod Taylor, who finds a way to be consistently terrible and lose two games a year he should never lose.

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