Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Get to Know Your SEC Football Players

It's Wednesday, which means it's time to get to know a little bit more (or just anything at all) about one of the Southeastern Conference's football players. Now when this player succeeds, massively fails or is shown milling around in the background of a TV shot, you'll know that his greatest off-the-field accomplishment involves the sale and transportation of hobos. Or something like that.

The team of the player selected is chosen through a super-secret process which I cannot reveal, however, the number of the player is randomly chosen by visiting and using whatever number is spat out from its random-creating machine.

Today's number: 13
Today's team: LSU

#13 Ron Brooks, DB, LSU

And here he is wearing a a uniform

Some background information: Ron came to LSU out of the lovely strip mall sprawl that is Irving, Texas. While there, he no doubt dominated the high school competition. Archive of such domination can be found here, and from the 11 seconds I watched of the video that automatically started playing, I can assure you he was faster than everyone else. Ron spent 2007 redshirting, played as a reserve and on special teams in 2008 and in 2009 found himself as one of the starting kickoff return men.

I tried to find out a little more about Ron, mainly does he have anything on the internet that, if discovered, would caused his coaches to shit a brick. Alas, nothing could be found. Although, I did find a Ron Brooks on Twitter who lives in Georgia and likes to fish. But unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, for that Ron Brooks, no one here cares. So he'll miss out on a sand grain-sized bit of internet exposure.

Greatest on-field accomplishment: In 2008, the man was a forced-fumble machine. He forced a fumble on a punt return against South Carolina, as well as on a kickoff return against Alabama. He even recovered a fumble on special teams against Georgia Tech in LSU's obliteration of the Yellow Jackets in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

Greatest off-the-field accomplishment: I'm going to count his dad being a member of the 7-9 1993 Chicago Bears. Mainly because he was coached by Dave Wannstedt, who is one of the few brave men in the public eye that has and will continue to sport a mustache.

Way(s) in which he has embarrassed himself, his family, team and school: None.

Strengths: Speed, quickness, agility, has probably seen Wannstedt's mustache from less than four feet away.

Weaknesses: Les Miles.

What to look for in 2010: As a starting kickoff returner, Ron should be featured prominently for a few seconds every Saturday. Should he take a kick back for a touchdown, expect those feature seconds to go up. You might even see him when LSU's defense requires multiple defensive back on the field. Though, with Jordan Jefferson and/or Jarrett Lee manning the controls of the LSU offense (and Gary Crowton giving guidance....and of course, Les Miles), I expect LSU's defense to be in many more run prevention situations than passing.

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