Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eight Days

No surprises this time.  Let's get right to the Europe.

The first 1:20 of that is like something straight out of This is Spinal Tap.  And if you told me Les Miles' favorite band was Europe, I'd believe you.

Today's number is eight, which brings us to the most hastily thrown together, and thus laziest list yet (and possibly until the season starts).  I present eight YouTube videos or, as the man in the first video, Robbie Caldwell, might say, vidyahs that are SEC-related and awesome for one reason or another. 

1.  Robbie Caldwell and Dropkick Me Jesus Through the Goalposts of Life

The discussion of scotch and whiskey was particularly compelling.

2.  Nick Saban convinces me I can run through a brick wall

Only watch the first 25 seconds and then MAKE YOUR ASS QUIT WATCHING

3.  Houston Nutt's practices certainly have a feeling of controlled chaos

"Dexter, how much weight d'you gain over this Christmas thing?  Four pounds?"

"Two ounces!"

4.  Les Miles wishes all of us a great day out of the side of his mouth

A damn strong response.

5.  The end of the Ed Orgeron era

My favorite story from this meltdown was that Orgeron neglected to inform offensive coordinator Dan Werner (who was in the booth) that he was going for it on fourth down.  Werner found out when he looked up and saw his offense still on the field.  He then began shouting, "What is he doing?  Someone stop him!"  Ah, good times.

6.  Joe Adams lives to see 2010

Nothing quite like an announcer reflexively yelling at the brutality of football.

How about one more?  And one that involves INTERNAL BLEEDING after the hit.

Seriously, Parrish had internal bleeding after that hit and stayed in the hospital until Monday.

7.  Jevan Snead justly punished for his 19th interception of the year

Had this happened after his first, say, 10 interceptions, perhaps he would not have thrown another 10.

8.  Dexter McCluster earns the fourth bedroom in the apartment with Gray, Peria Jerry and Shay Hodge

The second touchdown out of the Wildcat against Tennessee happened right in front of me and I still have no idea how the two defenders didn't knock him out of bounds at the 10.


  1. Brian Sorgenfrei11:53 PM

    Not to talk about details...but I want this blog to stay a model of professionalism. The Final Countdown 8 said that all videos were sec related. Well, I don't believe the roscoe parish video involved an SEC team. I still love the blog which is why I fight for its perfection

  2. Technically, all the numbered videos were SEC-related. The Parrish one was merely a bonus. And remember, THIS IS MY SHOW.

  3. Brian Sorgenfrei11:16 AM

    My apologies