Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Night Masoli Watch: DEFCON 2

The Belly of the Beast is all over the latest in the quest to see Jeremiah Masoli in Oxford and playing football for Ole Miss for the 2010 season. Check here for news that you'll probably find at least an hour before it gets updated here.
Masoli's proximity to campus:  Unknown

Houston Nutt's desire to see him become a graduate student in Southern Studies:  Rabid.  Nutt has been given the okay from Pete Boone and Chancellor Dan Jones, now it's just a matter of getting Masoli to come to Ole Miss, as he now has other suitors (BACK OFF YOU WEST VIRGINIA HILLBILLIES!), get him into graduate school and get the NCAA to sign off on his transfer (although the NCAA sign-off might come first in that list).  Assuming no one in the NCAA pretends like student is the most important part of student-athlete, all of that can get done in time for at least some portion of fall practice (I'm also looking at you, anti-football, communist members of the Ole Miss faculty.  Let's take one for the team here.  No questions, just one big stamp of approval.).

Ole Miss fan base's desire to avoid an offense with production levels similar to those of the Ed Orgeron years:  Raging inferno of blood lust.  While most fans would not consider selling their firstborn or even second child for offensive success, the third one would be out the door at a pretty good street value.

Chancellor Dan Jones' reservations about letting a stocky computer thief into school:  Gone.

Athletic Director Pete Boone's concerns:  Should we charge $15.99 or $16.99 for the "Wild Samoan" t-shirts that would be a hit with the t-shirt and cap crowd?

Admissions and recruiting (student, football) thoughts:  We need to update our student ethnicity pie charts!

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