Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Masoli Watch: DEFCON 3

The Belly of the Beast is all over the latest in the quest to see Jeremiah Masoli in Oxford and playing football for Ole Miss for the 2010 season. Check here for news that you'll probably find at least an hour before it gets updated here.

Proximity to campus: Unknown

Houston Nutt's desire to see him become a graduate student in Southern Studies: Hot

Ole Miss fan base's desire to avoid an offense with production levels similar to those of the Ed Orgeron years: Boiling

Chancellor Dan Jones' reservations about letting a stocky computer thief into school: He hasn't been there long enough to make a stand on this one

Athletic Director Pete Boone's concerns: Will this make money or lose money?

Admissions and recruiting (student, football) thoughts: More diversity!

(Note:  My apologies to Masoli for my poor Photoshop skills.  I unintentionally took a plug out of his left hip and right knee.  Both are much more robust than shown here.)

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  1. Charles Blanchard1:15 PM

    Gray, this is all a grand plot to get your hopes up in order to crush them later, and you're falling for it.