Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Long-Delayed, Lightly-Anticipated Masoli Watch: DEFCON 1.5

The Belly of the Beast is all over the latest in the quest to see Jeremiah Masoli in Oxford and playing football for Ole Miss for the 2010 season. Check here for news that you'll probably find at least an hour before it gets updated here.

Masoli's proximity to campus:  Unknown.

Houston Nutt's pulling of strings to get Masoli into a graduate program:  SUCCESS!  Allegedly, Masoli has been accepted into a graduate program.  Rumors continue to swirl as to which one.  And if he's even been accepted to one, which refutes the first sentence of this answer.  In short, I know nothing, per the usual.

Ole Miss fan base's desire to avoid an offense with production levels similar to those of the Ed Orgeron years:  Pete Boone, you know those 5-ish K season tickets still sitting on the shelf?  You make this happen and those turn into piles of money.  DO NOT SCREW THIS UP LIKE I KNOW YOU WILL.

Just what the hell is going on:  Again, ALLEGEDLY, Masoli will actually be in Oxford this weekend for an official visit of sorts.  It is during this time Nutt and the administration will stop "wrestling" with their decision and all of this will finally be over.  I have a feeling the wrestling will be over when Masoli is asked what he thinks about paying his own way.  I fully expect him to respond by booking the next flight to Morgantown, West Virginia.  Thus, the end of said wrestling.

Gray's confidence in the Ole Miss administration to turn a seemingly easy decision into a 248-car train wreck, leading us to sign the back-up quarterback from Itawamba Community College who will be forced to play in games in which he has no business playing:  Strong to extraordinarily strong.

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