Monday, July 19, 2010

Since We Last Met

If only I had a massive, highly distracting ESPN Ohio State/Michigan countdown clock to mark the time until the start of SEC Media Days on Wednesday. Personally, I can barely sit still knowing that the same group of coaches (well, minus Bobby Johnson) will talk about the exact same things they talked about two months ago at the coaches' meetings in Destin. It's very important and productive to have two separate meetings in two separate places within two months of one another to control any confusion that might arise. Although, Tennessee coach Derek Dooley will have new things to say, including a statement that the Vols do plan on having more players on the sideline than in Tennessee correctional facilities, and, while comparable cities, he does prefer Knoxville over Ruston.

Ole Miss running back Rodney Scott shows his affinity for daytime wrastlin'
Scott, a backup running back, was arrested on Friday for fighting outside of the Turner Center on the Ole Miss campus. At 10 o'clock in the morning. In his defense, the guy, Elmer L. Johnson (certainly a made-up name from Houston Nutt), with which he was engaging in technically poor Greco-Roman wrestling allegedly keyed his car, sparking Scott's outrage. If true, Scott should have known better than to go after Elmer by himself. A real SEC football player gathers teammates to assist in all matters of retribution. Tisk, tisk, Rodney Scott.  But at the same time, a pat on the back for you, reigning SEC Sportsmanship Award winner.  You demonstrated that no one in the SEC takes crap from anyone.

And if you're not familiar with the Ole Miss campus, the Turner Center is located on a fairly busy street, at least in the fall and spring semesters. While certainly less foot and car traffic were rolling by during this fight, a stronger venue could not have been selected. Unless it was the Circle and the combatants were fighting with box cutters...


Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett says his left foot will be fully healed when fall practice starts
While good news for Arkansas fans, who have dreams of a 10-win season, this is a terrible disappointment to the rest of us who enjoyed watching a 6'7" man wheel around on a cart normally used by a Mario Kart character.

Steve Spurrier may be feeling alive again
Saddled with the frustration and angst of dealing with one Stephen Garcia and a barrage of 7-5 seasons, Spurrier has sort of slipped into a shell of his former self. Gone are the days of "Free Shoes University" and "Can't Spell Citrus without UT." Either his workout regimen is starting to lift his spirits or Garcia is doing everything asked of him (Note: It's the workout), but Spurrier dusted off a page from his late '90s playbook and let this comment slip out when asked about one of his players being interviewed by the NCAA as it investigates North Carolina for possible player/agent violations:
“We’re not going to look the other way like possibly Southern California did. We’re going to abide by the rules.”
A little disappointing he let the word "possibly" find its way into his vocabulary, as absolutes are what made Spurrier's speeches so great. So perhaps the Ballcoach will be in top form when he makes his way to the armpit that is Hoover for SEC Media Days, which STARTS IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS.

Underage Notre Dame athletes prefer regular drink instead of the Purple Drank
Of the 44 people arrested at a fight/party/hoedown on Friday night, eleven were members of Fighting Irish athletic teams, most notably Joe Montana's son and some guy who plays basketball that only Digger Phelps would know. 44 people arrested? Eastern European riot police don't arrest that many people during protest crackdowns. Maybe because they're too busy smashing skulls with blunt instruments, but they still ring up arrests in high numbers. What I know about enforcing the law comes from watching roughly 65,000 episodes of Cops, making me an expert on the subject, and in this expert's opinion, the St. Joseph County Police Department needed to show a little more discretion. You only arrest the people that are bleeding, have torn clothes or have on no shirt at all. These are always the guilty parties.

Matt Leinart's records can be taken, but they'll never take his memories
And they can certainly never take away the 31,000 cell phone numbers he acquired from various females throughout the Southern California area during his time at USC.


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    This is a preview of SEC media days last year. It's not bad.

  2. Here's my recap from last year. Very informative.

  3. And can't forget about Hoover Hot Tub Time Machine.

  4. There's some great audio on that first clip. "He just cut him with a box cutter, cuz!" and "Ok, time to go."