Thursday, July 29, 2010

Masoli v. Schaeffer

As the Masoli-to-Ole-Miss supersonic jet approaches Mach 42, I've heard smatterings of suggestions that if Masoli does play for Ole Miss, he'll be nothing more than Brent Schaeffer 2.0.  Consider this a brief preemptive strike using a Daisy Cutter to obliterate such suggestions.

Career games played at a D-I level
Schaeffer:  8
Masoli:  24

This alone should be enough to destroy any visions of Schaeffer 2.0, but since I took the time to look up all the other numbers, you shall receive them.

Passing Statistics
Schaeffer:  18 of 37 (48.6%), 302 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT
Masoli:  313 of 544 (57.5%), 3,891 yards, 28 TDs, 11 INTs

Passing Yards Per Game
Schaeffer:  37.4
Masoli:  162.1

Rushing Statistics
Schaeffer:  33 carries, 66 yards, 2 yds/car, 1 TD
Masoli:  248 carries, 1386 yards, 5.6 yds/car, 23 TDs

Rushing Yards Per Game
Schaeffer:  8.25
Masoli:  57.8

The difference between the two last-minute additions is that Masoli has proven he knows how to play quarterback.  Not with overwhelming success, but very well.  Schaeffer arrived at Ole Miss with fantastic athletic ability and little else.  His seasoning came from splitting time with Erik Ainge and running around junior college players in California, not from taking the majority of the snaps for two seasons in a major college conference.  To throw Masoli in with Schaeffer is an insult to the stocky Samoan.  And though Masoli has pled guilty to various crimes, has he been rumored to have  stabbed shanked another quarterback outside The Library?  NOT YET. 

I'm not saying Masoli will dominate and destroy, but a Brent Schaeffer he is not.  Wait, is he even in school yet?  Why the hell am I jinxing this before it even gets started?

/cries at the news Masoli goes to West Virginia

/tears clothes, rubs ashes in hair

/wails and gnashes teeth

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