Friday, July 30, 2010

Masoli Watch: DEFCON 1 (And Hopefully the Last One Ever)

The Belly of the Beast is all over the latest in the quest to see Jeremiah Masoli in Oxford and playing football for Ole Miss for the 2010 season. Check here for news that you'll probably find at least an hour before it gets updated here.

Proximity to campus:  He's all up in that place.

The pulling of strings by various puppet masters to get Masoli into a graduate program:  Teetering on the edge of success.  Despite rumors, which, if on the Internet, must be true, the party line from Ole Miss is that he has not officially enrolled yet.  However, much to my disappointment, it does appear that he will not be pursuing graduate work in Southern Studies, as Park and Recreation Management has won his curious mind.  To that I say, BOOOOOOOO!  How dare he deprive the free world of the unintentional comedy of a West Coast guy of Samoan descent learning all about Faulkner and shit (For the record, I have no idea what they actually study.  I was a marketing major and was mainly concerned with finding the easiest classes possible and then not going to them.).

Ole Miss fan base's delusions of a 10-2 season:  OCCURRING EVERY 12 SECONDS.

Is there still a chance Pete Boone and the other good Rebels could screw this up:  Are they still breathing?  Then, YES.

Number of looming "how could they do this" articles from media members perched atop their mountains once (if) this thing becomes official:  1.2 billion, give or take a few.

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