Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rich Brooks Makes His Case for The Most Interesting Man West of the Louisiana Purchase

So how have you spent your summer?  Working?  Sweating?  The normal routine since once you leave school all seasons are the same?  All three?  Ah, if only we had the capability to break free from our chains of "that's what you're supposed to do" and live life as it should be lived.  I mean, live dammit!  Fresh air, cool breezes, the lazy sun on our shoulders as we fish, golf and grill.  The life of kings!

Fortunately for those of us still 30+ years away from anything close to that, Rich Brooks, after spending years coaching, molding and cursing at young adults, leads that life.  And as you sit chained to whatever responsibility that dominates you, come with me for a moment and let us live through Rich Brooks' summer.

Ah, yes, who hasn't picked up and jaunted off to California for a round at Pebble? POOR SAPS, THAT'S WHO.

I have the same problem with my putter. Although it's usually because the public course greens I play on haven't been watered since the last time it rained, and not because I suck.

Wouldn't you love to be able to refer to popular golf courses by a single name due to your familiarity with them?

/Tears of jealously and rage pouring down face.

"Otherwise known as around my backyard."

"Then washed my hands with a $27 bottle of sparkling water."

Rich Brooks apparently is so awesome that he can tell the sun exactly where he wants it to shine. Or he's really good at Tweeting and driving.

Hey, look! Three hours of old The Office episodes tonight on TBS!

Name-dropping 101.

Name-dropping 102.

What'll it be tonight, Quiznos or tuna and rice at home?

Oooohhhh, don't forget about sandwich meat!

But does it have power windows and anti-lock breaks? I THINK NOT. POINT, GRAY.

Ok, now this is getting ridiculous.

"Then we had the help bring us some mint juleps to relax."
(Yes, I did just recycle that from my Twitter feed. Have you seen how long this post is? I have no material left.)

I believe he omitted the part where he hit all of them with a croquet club while driving his '51 Plymouth.

And so time marches on for Rich Brooks. He'll do some more fishing, golfing and living while the rest of us soak in his days through the warmth of a computer screen.

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