Monday, February 22, 2010

What Didn't Happen Over the Weekend

February got even more interesting. Minus 2.8 billion people dissecting every syllable and blink made by Tiger Woods during his, well, whatever that was on Friday, the month returned to its hole and left people pretending they cared about the Olympics. In my limited viewing of the games of the Winter Olympiad, the sport (or bar game) of curling appears to be on television more than any other event. In fact, if you were to turn on one of the NBC channels right now, there's probably one of these matches (or games? Do they call them games? Tilts? Scrums?) going on right now. I'm not sure if there are 2,000 teams competing or if each team plays 250 matches/games/titls/scrums. Maybe both. BUT IT NEVER ENDS. It's entirely possible the 2010 gold medal for curling won't be awarded until three weeks before the 2014 games start. If the Olympics aren't canceled by then.

Tim Tebow began work on catching passes, route running and blocking technique for his inevitable move to a hybrid position in the NFL. After everyone got done screaming "I told you so" once Tebow's disappointing Senior Bowl showing was in the books, Tebow has gone to work on changing his throwing motion in hopes that he will get a shot at playing quarterback in the NFL. Most notably, he's looking to take out the giant loop in his throwing motion, which occurs when he brings the ball down to his hip as he begins his motion. I'd like to see him add a second loop just because he damn well can. Then crack Todd McShay's sternum with a 328 mph pass, which he could then throw because of the extra power generated by loop number two.

Ole Miss basketball team fights and claws its way to a win over Florida. In its second straight must-win game, the Ole Miss team came out with as much passion and interest as America will have in Hot Tub Time Machine. What started out as a promising season has quickly become a season that needed to end two weeks ago. This team clearly lacks a leader, has no emotion (save for a few Murphy Holloway and Terrance Henry moments) and does not play well with one another. It is a miserably painful team to watch. There's so much potential, but watching them go through the motions and continue to do the same stupid things over and over again (turnovers, turnovers, turnovers, fouls, fouls, fouls, fouls, fouls, fouls and defensive breakdowns) makes it not worth watching them. So to you, Rebel roundballers, I say good luck the rest of the way, but I have checked out for the season. Let me know when you care again, then I'll care. Until that day, I'm practicing for the eventual arrival of shuffleboard, darts and tic-tac-toe in the Summer Olympics.

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  1. New commenting thingy now. Found out that Haloscan shut itselft down because even they recognized how bad they were. Good times.