Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Announcer's Diary: Tom Hammond Edition

Normally this diary thing is reserved for the coaches of sports, but given the recent lack of material (or perhaps me not paying close enough attention) provided by America and, in the Olympic spirit, the World's coaches, I'm forced to go elsewhere.  And to be honest, I don't think I can be sarcastic or angry enough to nail the Andy Kennedy edition that should be here.  But one more Ole Miss game and I'll probably be in the right place.  Or another cab driver punching.  Either way and I'll be good.

8:10 PM

Dear Diary,

What a privilege it is to be here in breathtakingly beautiful Vancouver, Canada.  Just a gorgeous setting for these games of the Winter Olympics.  One of the great towns in all of North America.  You know, coming here makes you wonder why you don't live here.  The majesty and scenery of this place are best seen with the eyes and told with pictures, of which our NBC crew is doing an outstanding job of bringing the viewers.

Why, just two weeks ago, I found myself in Auburn, Alabama. Or was it Columbia, South Carolina? Or Lexington? It's hard to remember when you're neck deep in the fast-paced SEC basketball circuit. Even though I no longer broadcast SEC basketball games thanks to the red devil that is ESPN, I still find myself traveling around to all the great SEC towns. Larry Conley tells me I'm out of my damn mind, but I think Larry has forgotten what it's like to be in Baton Rouge on a Wednesday night in early February when the South Carolina Gamecocks are in town. That kind of energy is contagious! It lives in my blood! The microphone. The headset. Teasing up the perm so the headset doesn't keep it down. And the sports jacket. Oh, how I miss the Lincoln Financial 40 Long. What a great fit! I should get the name of their tailor.

But I can't complain about where I am now. NBC has not spared a dime in some of the duds we've been given. First class operation here at NBC, home of Notre Dame football AND the Olympics.  Of course...oh, man, look at the time. Need to go loosen up the pipes before the women's figure skating short program tonight. I like to go back to some of my Breeder's Cup calls and even a few of my favorite SEC games. Really helps get the emotions going and stretches the vocal chords. Puts me in a good place to be on top of my game. Plus, Scott Hamilton needs to go over what the hell all these jumps are again. You would think that after all these years of doing the Winter Olympics I'd have these down, but have you watched figure skating? It's all the same jump! Triple, double, whatever.  I just know when they fall.

Alright, I'm signing off for now. I think I just heard Hamilton crying already. He usually waits until an "amazing" performance before turning on the tears and the shrieking. He must have been watching a tape of the '02 Games. Sarah Hughes. It was one of those moments that made you proud to help bring it to the world.

So long, diary.  For Tom Hammond, this is Tom Hammond.

P.S. Grab extra tissues for Hamilton.

P.S.S. Need to learn the name of the lady in the booth with us. Hamilton hates her, which makes her the first person in his entire life that he's hated.

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  1. One of the more classic Beast items. I have never understood how Tom Hammond can go from JP/Lincoln Financial to the worldwide Olympics. He continually does it every year. Fully expect to see him doing the afternoon session of the SEC tourney in Nashville and act like he never saw a triple axel.