Thursday, February 04, 2010

Coach's Diary: Houston Nutt Edition

It's a little known fact that most coaches in every sport in every level of competition keep a diary. Here, they have a place where they can turn and reveal their innermost thoughts and reactions to both the smart and incredibly stupid things they do during the course of their job (We know they don't turn to their wives because she doesn't understand the complexities of sport, but a blank piece of paper sure does.). And, thanks to my stealthy skills in the field of breaking and entering, you, the reader, now have access to these innermost thoughts penned by some of the finest and not-so-finest minds in the world of sport.

3:54 PM

Dear Diary,

What an outstanding day. Signing day. Just amazing. Got a little sunshine and got a great group of outstanding young men coming to Oxford. Can't wait for them to get here. Gonna have 'em out to the house in August. Show 'em around. Big fish fry. Maybe even let 'em ride my horses. Big, beautiful animals those horses. So gentle and obedient. And they loooove their food. Eat two times a day. More oats than I can count. Although sometimes I'll slip 'em a carrot or two. Wish I could eat like that. A beautiful thing.

But, oh boy, I'll tell you what else I like. The tremendously outstanding group of young men our fine staff was able to sign today. Lots of character in this group. Come from fine families. All of 'em. They're gonna look beautiful when they finally put on those red and blue jerseys in the fall. That blue says tradition, but those reds look so beautiful out on the field. Really nice. Beautiful like so many mamas and grandmamas I met over the last year. Great families. Lots of character. And good people. Just outstanding. I hope that's what our Ole Miss family is like. Home away from home.

And those mamas, families are outstanding like our coaches' recruiting efforts over the last year. It takes that kind of effort to succeed in this league. Southeastern Conference. Most competitive league in America. Each days is a challenge. A challenge to get better. As a team and individually. Gotta meet that challenge. That's what we need and demand of our young men. We'll teach it if they don't have it. Bring 'em into the Ole Miss family. No question about it.

Well, gotta go. Jerrell and Kentrell should be out here any minute now. See if we can't catch some fish in the pond out back. Funny creatures those fish. Always underwater. Gills. And slippery. But beautiful. Can't wait to see what we get.

P.S. Don't like to touch those bait worms. To slimy. Sneaky. Worried they might bite. See if Kentrell can't help me out.

P.S.S. Gotta watch Jerrell's catfish intake. Need him slim and trim for spring practice.

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