Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday Links of Laziness

To the smattering of hardcore readers, my apologies for the lack of posting this week.  To everyone else stumbling upon this place, you've missed nothing (except the riveting profile piece on Florida walk-on Phillip Bellino, which you can find below this post).  Luckily this has been a pretty slow week, and in keeping with the spirit of such a slothful week I present you with nothing more than a handful of links that you may find vaguely interesting to somewhat interesting.  Hopefully the former.

-Mississippi State is set to remove the "senior associate" portion of Scott Stricklin's title and just make him the full-time athletic director.  I have no idea if this is a good hire or not, but as one who follows Ole Miss, I have been conditioned to immediately question the hiring within process, usually because it involves the promotion of someone from a job for which they are not qualified to a job in which they are tremendously not qualified to perform.  Also, and probably most importantly, Stricklin and I went to the same high school.  Granted, he graduated 11 years before me, but if we ever meet we'll have something to talk about.

-JaMarcus Russell was finally told his services (or lack of) were no longer needed in Oakland, as the Raiders released him yesterday.  If you were in Oakland yesterday, you already know that driving while he was on the road was hell on the commute home.

-Of all the things written about the horrible murder of Yeardley Love, the female lacrosse player at Virginia, this one is by far the one most worthy of your time.

-Let's check in with NFL draft star, Kentrell Lockett:


-Pam Ward has been selected to receive some award from sports information directors.  Clearly these SIDs have never watched a single game in which she had the responsibility of describing the action on the field.  And apparently they overlooked a little piece of Pam Ward history from the 2009 season, which best describes her as a cold hearted, better-than-all-of-us bitch.

-And finally, Lawrence Taylor.  YIKES.  Add another layer to the not-so-fun legend.

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