Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Following Takes Place Between 10:47 PM and 11:07 PM

Previously on Kentrell Lockett (OleForty), we were treated to a barrage of tweets concerning the NFL draft. After someone within the Ole Miss athletic administration got wind of that night's majesty, Kentrell was forced to go dark for a week or so. Now, following an apology, he's back and looking to dominate the Twitter landscape. Tonight, for 20 glorious minutes, we got a taste of what he's fully capable of doing.

Much like the first few seasons of 24, it can't get much better and more addicting than that.  Two thoughts to add here:  One, I too find coffee disgusting.  If you have to pour sugar, milk, more sugar and bacon grease into a cup of something, that means it tastes like crap and you just want an excuse to drink hot fat.  I'm not judging your innovation because if I could find a way to guzzle hot bacon grease without incinerating my throat and digestive tract, I would do it.  But coffee still sucks.  And two, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THOSE AGENTS.  THEY ARE STEPCHILD OF SATAN AND WILL CAUSE HORRIBLE, BIBLICAL-LIKE PLAGUES TO BEGIN HAPPENING  TO YOU AND THOSE AROUND YOU.

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