Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Steve Spurrier Workout Program

At 65 years old, Steve Spurrier is still coachin' 'em up with the same smirks, visor-tossing and general disbelief that his plays were not properly executed as he was 20 years ago at Florida. He may have lost a little heat off his visor fastball, but the reaction time from failed play to visor-in-hand is just as quick as it ever was. In the age of 18-hour work days in college football, that sort of longevity in solid physical fitness is hard to maintain. Even the cyborg-ish, freight train of intensity that is Urban Meyer came crashing to a halt in December with stress and fatigue issues.

So just how does Spurrier do it? Well, step one includes not working 18 hours a day, which I feel is an excellent choice. Step two involves a healthy diet and step three calls for working out five to six days a week. And the plan seems to be working. Spurrier is still trucking along, consistently winning at a place that's never really won before. In fact, according to this article, Spurrier says that he's in better shape than he was when he was 25. And luckily for us, a photographer was there to document the Spurrier workout regimen.


Pound Kentucky and Vanderbilt into submission push-ups with core-strengthening.


Avoid the Phil Fulmer figure side crunches.


Practice demotion speech to Garcia free weight lifts.

Back and Triceps

Carrying the Carolina nation lifts.

Cool Down

20 minute not think about Stephen Garcia or any other quarterback except the good times with Danny Wuerffel walk.


"This close to the end of my career without getting fired and making an enormous amount as a commentator or analyst. Also, the golfing will be nice."

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