Monday, April 19, 2010

Please Stand By

Normally I wouldn't bother explaining why there is no new post here and leave you to angrily wonder why is this guy so lazy. But new Gray is making an effort to be more informative, fan-friendly and industrious. Or something like that. Anyway, the weekend recap is not present and accounted for right now because I was out of town all weekend and have no idea what happened. Compound that with very little sleep and the decision to drive from Austin to New Orleans, which I immediately regretted in the ninth hour of a 16-hour round trip, and I've got nothing left in a tank that holds very little anyway (Also, I might have mild bed sore-like things on my butt cheeks from the excessive car-riding/driving.). So after I dream and spend some time in thought about not being inside of a car, I'll find out what I missed and put the recap up this afternoon. Until then, I suggest entertaining yourself here.

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