Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Get to Know Your SEC Football Players

In an effort to be more prepared and educated for the 2010 football season, I'm starting a new feature here that will introduce a player from one of the 12 teams in the Southeastern Conference. Each week, or really whenever I feel like it, a number from 1-99 and team will be randomly chosen, and we'll all get to know the individual with that number on that particular team. That way when one of these players does something to help his team succeed, fail or just gets in a random shot of the sidelines, we can all say, "Hey, there's that backup offensive lineman from Kentucky that I read about in April and immediately forgot all about him." So it should be a good time.

Here's how the selection process works. I had an associate/acquaintance/correspondent/whatever select a number between 0 and 10, followed by a number between 1-9 (if he had picked 10 that would have been the number). After that unnecessary communication with another human being, I decided that all future numbers will be pulled from one of those random number generator websites. Much less personal. And finally, the team he chose was probably the first one that popped in his head. However, each team will only be used once until all 12 have been selected, then we'll start over again. So, after that incredibly long explanation, our very first selection in this one-way meet and greet is none other than...

#49 Ryan Wilbourn, P, Arkansas Razorbacks

Some background information: A junior and transfer from Arkansas State, Ryan will not be playing in the 2010 season, which is a fitting start to this feature. So don't even bother looking for him next year unless Arkansas dresses everyone for home games. Maybe he'll see the sidelines for the homecoming game. Who knows.  Also, given the state of the Arkansas State football website, this may not actually be a picture of Ryan.

Greatest on-field accomplishment:  He played well enough on November 28, 2009 against North Texas to win the Sun Belt Conference Special Teams Player of the Week.

Greatest off-the-field accomplishment:  According to my research, he received an academic scholarship to A-State.  And let's go ahead and award him bravery points for going with the "comb-forward" hair style.

Way(s) in which he has embarrassed himself, his family, team and school:  Even though he walked the mean streets of Searcy, Arkansas, Ryan has avoided any activities that would allow him to fit right in with the Georgia Bulldogs or Florida Gators.

Strengths:  Swinging his leg really high in the air, throwing a football into the ground only to have it bounce right back to him, standing in one spot on the sideline for long periods of time and conversing with punters and kickers.

Weaknesses:  Tackling, running and sideline interactions with non-punters and kickers.

What to expect in 2010:  Ryan should receive plenty of work in practice, especially if Arkansas uses scout team punters (if that even exists).  If you want to get a look at him, I suggest scanning the background or edges of any camera shot that includes Dylan Breeding and/or Alex Tejada.  Punters and kickers tend to travel in packs.

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  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I passed this one on to Josh, I think A-state fans will be proud that Arkansas actually wanted one of A-states players! It's almost like one of their guys made the pros!