Monday, March 29, 2010

What Didn't Happen Over the Weekend

Urban Meyer maintains icy, unflinching death stare; burns reporter's house to the ground.
After lashing out at the Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Flower for correctly quoting one of his players, which then spawned a Gulf of Tonkin-like skirmish with the media, Meyer met with Fowler privately so the two could have an airing of grievances. According to Fowler, Meyer apologized and said the discussion between the two was "constructive." But fear not, Urban Meyer fans. His rage is not burning any less bright after backing down to media pressure. If anything this incident just took it to another level, only now Derek Dooley and the Tennessee Volunteers (and probably Mark Richt and Georgia) will receive the focused aggression meant for Jeremy Fowler. And just think how badly Florida will beat both of those teams this year with a real quarterback.

LSU's spring game spawns a Montana/Young quarterback battle.
Jordan Jefferson led the White team (racists!) to a 24-9 victory over the Purple team on Saturday. Jefferson was Jefferson, completing 8 of 23 passes for 94 yards and one interception. And our old friend Jarrett Lee continued to showcase his unbelievable ability to throw touchdowns to the other team, as one of his 20 passes was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. However, 10 of his passes did find the hands of those on his team, including one for a touchdown. On a windy day, Les Miles said his team "put a premium on running the football." No word whether a premium was also placed on clock management, sound coaching decisions and remaining calm at all times.

South Carolina's sports marketing joins Ole Miss' as one of the SEC's elite.
Steve Spurrier has become the latest coach to install the "Wildcat" package as part of his offense. And, like so many schools, the formation has a nickname specific to South Carolina (like Wild Rebel at Ole Miss). After careful consideration, those in control of this name or at least getting the name out to the public have decided it should be known as the "Wild Cock." Now, maybe it's the immaturity inside of me and that I couldn't sit through a 7th grade Life Science class without laughing, but surely there's a better name from a marketing perspective than Wild Cock (hahahaha). Wild Visor, Wild Smirk, Wild No Quarterback, Wild I-Don't-Know-If-I-Can-Do-This-Much-Longer. Just a thought. Although, if the name survives until the fall, I very much look forward to hearing Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson discuss the successes and failures of the Wild Cock.

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