Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend Planner

It's Friday which means the weekend and its sweet 48 hours of freedom are upon us. We all get the same number of hours, but how we use those is up to the individual. While this sounds like some sort of Lou Holtz motivational pitch coming your way, it's actually a guide to help you get the most out of your time over the next two days.

LSU's Terrance Toliver will need some help around the house.
Tolliver was recently involved in an always-a-good-idea bar fight and, in the process of sloppy punches and shirt-grabbing, broke his left hand. Yes, one of the very hands that helped him drop many a pass in 2009. So if you're in the Baton Rouge area in the next two days, your help in drawing a bath for him, unloading the rattan piece that will be arriving from Pottery Barn, re-landscaping the flower bed and preparing him for his court date would be greatly appreciated by Tolliver and the LSU staff.

Oregon's LaMichael James will be receiving visitors this weekend.
James, after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor harassment charge, is schedule to report to the Lane County Sheriff's Department this afternoon to begin his 10 day sentence (although jail time seems unlikely due to overcrowding). And if the District Attorney's crew has their way, Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli will be following that very path, although Masoli faces a felony charge for stealing various items from an Oregon fraternity house and probably wouldn't get a sentence that light (assuming he's guilty of course). Kudos to Oregon for replacing Tennessee and West Virginia as the school with the largest collection of felonies and misdemeanors. So if you're in the Pacific Northwest over the weekend, you've got the chance to enjoy an up-close look at the American legal system.

Mike Leach could use a friend.
Leach is in Lubbock, Texas today giving sworn testimony in the lawsuit he filed against Texas Tech after the school canned him because of the whole Adam James media explosion. His day in court comes just one day after these videos emerged on YouTube:


Yikes. I enjoy a good, angry, brutally sarcastic delivery as anyone and the first video delivered the goods, but the second one not so much. I'm no coach, but alienating players and causing divisions within the team is probably not the best of ideas. Unless you're Ed Orgeron and you create groups that hate you, really hate you and compare playing football to being in a prison work camp. That's a good recipe for success. Anyway, if you find yourself in the vast field that is the Texas Panhandle in the next two days, Mike Leach could use a set of ears for his latest findings in pirate research.

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  1. It was 47 hours of freedom. We sprung forward and lost an hour.

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