Monday, January 11, 2010

The Power Is Back On

Using very large horses (I know little to nothing about horses and/or the different breeds so just imagine big ones with giant hooves), I was able to crush the public demonstration by my former hard drive's widgets and replace those lazy, non-working bastards with a new group, which, so far, have proven to be hard working and doing so at a fraction of the cost of the old ones. What that nonsense means is that the Beast is once again fully operational.

Since I last posted, Nick Saban had yet to murder the rest of the SEC West royal family and assume the title of Czar of said division for the foreseeable future, Pete Carroll had yet to make his return to the NFL (where he was 33-31 in 1994 and 1997-99) and flee the looming velvet hammer of NCAA justice given to major football programs and Eniel Polynice of Ole Miss hadn't decided to take 15 shots and make only three of them in a loss to Mississippi State on Saturday (Finally, a reference to basketball. My apologies to Andy Kennedy and the fine work he is doing despite being largely ignored by his own fans and the national media.). So, after all of that, expect some new stuff to go up this week. Right now though, I've got to read everything on the Internet that happened since last Wednesday and celebrate my crushing victory over the aforementioned hard drive widgets by burning down their village while sipping on a gentleman's drink as I watch the flames rage from hut to hut.

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