Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Mike Leach Book Excerpt Only Intensifies My Man-Crush On Him

On Monday, West Virginia linebacker Branko Busick was arrested for an armed robbery that took place at a Morgantown apartment complex, which, while offering fewer security cameras than a gas station or liquor store, does not offer as much cash as a gas station or liquor store, all of which was brought to light when the victim of the crime told police that Busick, allegedly, began hitting him with a gun after he told Busick he had no money (should have asked for a couch to burn; those are always plentiful in Morgantown).  And today, Busick was officially kicked off the team by head coach Dana Holgorsen.

Interestingly, Busick is the son of former WWF heel, Big Bully Busick, who stomped around in the squared circle in the early '90s.

Though I was a wrestling fan, I have no recollection of him. Partly because I spent some time in the WCW world, but mostly because my brain has decided to forget things like this and remember things like the chorus to the audio atrocity that was whatever the song was that made Nickelback famous (DAMN YOU, BRAIN. REMEMBER WHAT I WANT TO REMEMBER.)

However, young Branko is not the only college football player (I won't say ex-player because you know Terry Bowden already has him on a plane to North Alabama) to have a heel for a father. Yes, there is one more heel out there, but this one is not a character heel. This one is the Heel of College Football and the Heel of Life:

Craig James, father of Texas Tech's Adam James.  His tactics in and out of the ring, but mostly out of the ring, as recalled by Mike Leach in this book excerpt, would have made back-in-the-day wrestling very proud.

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