Friday, July 08, 2011

Get to Know Your SEC Football Players: Bobby Ingalls Edition

It's July, it's hot, and other than grown men obsessing over the next two times Derek Jeter will hit a baseball safely, not very much is going on right now.  However, to prevent your brain from entering a complete state of mush, we begin our annual offseason educational process of learning about the players who we both curse and praise during football season.  

Through this weekly, perhaps more if things get REALLY boring this summer, get-to-know-you format, it is my hope that you learn a little something about the player in this spot so that you may properly identify him as he destroys your team's chances to win a game with either a great or WHATTHEHELLAREYOUDOING play, is arrested, or is simply milling around in the background of shots of the sidelines.

Selection of players and teams is done through a super-secret formula that consists of I'm in charge, will do as I please, and mind your own business.  At the very least, I will not choose a team twice until all teams have been represented.

#67 Bobby Ingalls, OL, Auburn

Some background information
Currently, the Internet has no picture to offer of Bobby Ingalls, so, in its place, I submit a screen shot of his hometown of Gardendale, Alabama (one of the many "-dales" on your way up I-65) in relation to Birmingham. According to this, Bobby comes to Auburn by way of transfer from Lambuth University, which recently decided to close (HOW POOR OF THEM), in Jackson, Tennessee.

Small aside that will violently take us off point here: I have attended a football game at Lambuth University. A good friend of mine played quarterback at a small college in Lambuth's division/conference/can't remember, so myself and a few friends drove up from Oxford on an Ole Miss off-week to watch him play.

I remember three things from this game: 1) A player broke Ron Dixon's (of New York Giants' kind-of-fame and Lambuth Hall of Fame) record for longest kickoff return. 2) My friend, as he was about halfway through his throwing motion, being crushed by a Lambuth player, which resulted in an interception during a late comeback attempt. 3) The kicker on my friend's team yelling at the holder after he missed an extra point, which was one of the funniest things I've ever seen at a football game. My friend later told us that the head coach tried to unhinge his jaw and eat the kicker for such a display.

Greatest on-field accomplishment
There were only three posts on that Lambuth message board, so this is gonna stay somewhat blank.

At 6'7" and 331 pounds, Bobby makes a for a massive figure.  Whether he has any type of quickness or not, I do not know, but, that type of frame adds a few milliseconds to the time a defensive end needs to run around him.

Lambuth University straight out of high school, which has me nearly convinced those feet don't move like they need to move.  Also, lack of a picture.

Based on 10 seconds of me looking at his picture, what is his favorite song, movie, TV show, or piece of literature

I'm sure they're related.

Where to look for him in 2011
According to this and this, he'll be getting some backup work at both the tackle spots, but primarily, he's in the mix for the backup left tackle spot. So, barring injuries, look for him standing around the offensive lineman's huddle on the sidelines.

Coach Chizik, any final thoughts?

"I think my chin may be losing some of its sharpness. Trooper, go get my grinder."

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