Friday, August 07, 2009

Twitter Friday

I'm still working on a little something special (don't worry, I don't think it will approach the 2500 words I used in the most mediocre SEC coach post), but haven't quite finished. So, in order not to disappoint, I'll be updating the Belly of the Beast Twitter page all day today. And yes, it will be as exciting as you are currently imagining it to be (and yes, this is a cop-out). My goal is to update at least once an hour, sometimes twice if I tap into my inner overachiever, assuming he hasn't been murdered by inner slacker. I haven't met him in about, oh, ever, so I'm not really sure I'd know what he looks like if he shows up.

Regardless, we're off to an early start on the Twitter page. I just found out Ole Miss has been ranked tenth in the USA Today poll that came out this morning. I immediately got dizzy and nauseous and had to lie down on the floor at work. And so the hype and pressure truly begins. Dammit.

You can check the Belly of the Beast out on Twitter here. Only seven and a half hours to the weekend.

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