Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Final Countdown: 14

A more subdued version of Europe means it’s time to take things a little easier around here. I’m scaling back the content and just throwing out nothing more than a list of every player in the SEC that wears the number 14. While it would have been great if there were exactly 14 players that wear number 14, it didn’t happen, mainly thanks to Ole Miss who has three players wearing 14. And surprisingly, none of them are short, white quarterbacks that played Class A MPSA football.

No one currently wears 14. Apparently, efficiency and game management are the new standard bearers for the quarterback position at Alabama.

Dylan Breeding, punter. It’s worth noting that Breeding played football at Hoover High School, which of course was home to one of the greatest TV shows of our time, Two-a-Days. I think we could all use some more Rush Propst in our lives.

Jim Youngblood, quarterback. I’m pretty sure this marks the fourth time in his life in which his name has appeared on the Internet.

Barrett Trotter, quarterback. Learning from Chris Todd will be a great experience.

Andrew Blaylock, quarterback. You mean Florida has other players besides Tim Tebow?

Markihe Anderson, defensive back. I’ve got nothing.

Joe Cox, quarterback. And starting quarterback at that. If he’s listed at 6’1” and 198 pounds, what’s his real height and weight? I’d be a little nervous if I were a Georgia fan.

Ryan Phillippi, quarterback. Played at Henry Clay High School. Are Henry Clay’s nicknames (the person, not the high school), “The Great Compromiser” and “The Great Pacifier” flattering or unflattering?

Anthony Mosley, defensive back.

Chris Garrett, quarterback. From Tupelo, MS, which places him just outside the Golden Triangle. Not sure how that will relate to his quarterbacking ability, but listening to Jarrett Lee will influence it in a bad way.

Mississippi State
Chris Relf, quarterback. Reports out of Starkville are saying he’s got a shot at starting this year. My only recollection of him last year was the first play he came into the game against Ole Miss when was promptly smashed into the ground by the Ole Miss defense. Then, when I watched the replay later that night, the camera gave us a good shot of Tyson Lee laughing because the abuse was now happening to someone else.

Ole Miss
Tig Barksdale, defensive back. A good start to Tig’s collegiate career. A DUI, out of shape and now he’s got an undisclosed medical condition that will most likely keep him out for the entire year. Let’s hope for him that next year is a little better.

Clayton Moore, quarterback. A short, white quarterback, but did NOT play in the MPSA.

Brandon Sanders, defensive back.

South Carolina
Reid McCollum, quarterback. With Stephen Garcia’s history of drunken buffoonery and vandalism, playing time is probably closer than McCollum thinks.

Eric Berry, defensive back. I think it’s safe to say he’s the best of all the 14’s.

Tray Herndon, wide receiver. A football player at Vanderbilt who is also from Minnesota. What is the percent chance he’s white? 450%? 875% 6,000%?

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