Thursday, October 09, 2008

Weekend Picks

Last week: 3-2
Season: 29-6

Arkansas at Auburn

Tommy Tuberville's solution to Auburn's offensive woes? Can his offensive coordinator six games into the season. Mind you, they never ran the same offense Tony Franklin ran at Troy and Tuberville's big quarterback recruit had zero ability to run the offense that was suited to his athletic ability, but Franklin took the fall for the 104th-ranked offense. I know he was technically in charge of the offense, but I think it was pretty obvious Tuberville was never totally comfortable with the new offense and was heavily influencing what was going on there. To me, Franklin was trying to make chicken salad from chicken poo.

And being the classy guy Tuberville is, here's video of Franklin literally packing his car in front of the Auburn coaches' offices. Ridiculous he had to go through this. Of course, this is the same guy who said Franklin's job was safe three days ago and once claimed the only way he was leaving Oxford was in a pine box. Tommy Tuberville is a pretty good coach (who now looks like his time is running out in Auburn), but a more arrogant asshole you won't find.

As for this game, Tuberville could start at quarterback and Auburn would win this game. Incidentally, why is the over/under to this game at 39? I think if it was set at 16 it would be too high.

LSU at Florida
Florida is giving six points in this game? Really? Florida, whose offense hasn't done much of anything this year (against real teams....not counting Ole Miss as a real team), is playing one of the better defenses in the country in LSU and they're giving points? Not to mention LSU is undefeated and ranked number four while Florida, in the last two weeks, struggled with Arkansas for three quarters and lost at home to an Ole Miss team that cries when the popular girl won't talk to them. I don't understand this at all.

But just as I'm about to pick LSU to win this one, a thought enters the back of my mind. Will this finally be the game where Les Miles' insanity-laced decisions finally bite him? He HAS to be due for it, right? He got away with murder last year, and like The Juice, lived to tell the tale. This is a game LSU should win, but they're starting a young quarterback on the road in a game Florida must win if they want any shot at getting back in the national title discussion. Stupidity colliding with a desperate team could spell disaster for LSU. However, I'll take a page from Les Miles' book and go completely against the argument I just made. LSU wins.

Tennessee at Georgia
Speaking of fired offensive coordinators, Dave Clawson is on the clock now. The Vols are 97th in total offense and 106th in scoring offense. Of course, Clawson might not be the only one fired, instead, he'll most likely be joined by Phil Fulmer and the entire Tennessee staff. David Cutcliffe may be smarter than I thought. He must have known how awful Crompton was going to be and jumped ship before he had to freshen up his resume'. Good times in Knoxville will get even better after Saturday's loss to Georgia.

South Carolina at Kentucky
Is it possible for Spurrier to string together two SEC wins in-a-row? Or can Chris Smelley play well in two straight road games? I say not a chance. The pre-Ole Miss Chris Smelley should return and Kentucky will benefit.

Vanderbilt at Mississippi State
Let it be known Vanderbilt has the 114th-ranked offense in the country. That's eleven spots behind State's high-octane offense. Eleven spots behind the team that hung 14 points on Louisiana Tech. You can't keep winning with that little offensive production. The absurdity ends this week. That's right, mark it down, I'm taking State this weekend. Let the Vanderbilt free-fall begin.

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