Tuesday, October 21, 2008

From the Weekend That Was

Georgia 24, Vanderbilt 14
Another Georgia game, another miserably boring game. One team is obviously better than the other one, but not good enough or screws up enough to keep from blowing the other team out. This was like watching a Big Ten 11:00 am game with Northwestern and Iowa playing. Only Pam Ward's voice sounded like Dave Neal's. Good news for those interested in slipping into comas, Georgia will be the 2:30 CBS game for the next two weeks.

Alabama 24, Ole Miss 20
Hey, look! Another loss by seven points or less! That makes 18 in five seasons! No, really, 18. Including four this season. Shoot me in the face.
A few keys to actually not losing any more of these games:

-Jevan Snead playing like he did in the second half, especially the fourth quarter. I was shocked when CBS showed him on the sideline in the fourth quarter walking up and down the bench telling everyone on offense to be ready. An odd sight to see an Ole Miss player not cowering in fear during the fourth quarter. Great effort by him.

-Less Dexter McCluster. Look, the guy can be fantastic at times but this fumbling business has reached the point he can't be trusted. It's time to cut his touches and tell him to get on the ground whenever someone comes within five yards of him. Do we really need another McCluster fumble to kill a scoring drive?

-More Brandon Bolden. The guy is averaging 5.2 yards a carry. Cordera Eason has been serviceable, but I think it's pretty obvious Bolden brings more to the table than him. And although Enrique Davis had one good run, he's not the guy right now.

-The offensive line needs to stop having the mental psyche of fourteen year-old girls, sack up, and hit someone in the mouth. We should start referring to this group as "short yardage killers."

Kentucky 21, Arkansas 20
Arkansas' Michael Smith goes for 192 yards on 35 carries and one touchdown. How might Kentucky have won this game? Casey Dick: 11 of 29, 94 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs.

Tennessee 34, Mississippi State 3
More bad news for State fans: Tyson Lee stinks too. Never a good night when two of the three of your team's interceptions thrown are returned for touchdowns. Then throw in the fact your offense accumulates 189 total yards. It was bad enough (and been bad enough all season) that the Clarion-Ledger and its sports editor publicly wrote something needs to be done. Remember, this is the same paper that defended Ole Miss basketball coach Rod Barnes until he produced a fourth straight season with four conference wins. They are typically a staunch defender of all coaches receiving paychecks from state universities (except Ed Orgeron, they pretty much hated him from the start), so I consider this a big deal. The paper isn't calling for Croom's head, but the clock is ticking on one Woody McCorvey.

LSU 24, South Carolina 17
No wonder LSU won. Much easier when it's 12 on 11.

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