Tuesday, October 28, 2008

From the Weekend That Was

West Virginia 34, Auburn 17
Auburn fans, welcome to the Kodi Burns era. Complete with 33 yards of offense in the second half of a game in which they dominated early. While a national television audience got a great look at the disaster that is the Auburn offense, they also got a look at a defense allergic to tackling and about as interested in playing football as I am in watching Frank TV. The Auburn defense was shredded for 445 yards and, at my last check, still has not tackled Noel Devine. Oddly enough, the offense held onto the ball for over 35 minutes, but only produced 260 yards. I'm guessing the 3.9 yards per play probably didn't help in the total yards category.

I have to believe Auburn coaches are busy right now burning the midnight oil in their offices. You know, sprucing up their resumes, contacting moving companies, and seeing if Tony Franklin would be interested in having them on his staff when he is eventually named a I-AA school's head coach.

Florida 63, Kentucky 5
Dear Kentucky (and LSU),


Ole Miss

Duke 10, Vanderbilt 7
It's hard to play football, much less win a football game, when you've got both hands wrapped around your throat. I hope all Vandy fans enjoyed losing the way other teams have lost to them this year. Two missed field goals and three turnovers. Way to make your opponent win the game. But hey, at least you'll be able to hear the PA from the Music City Bowl.

Georgia 52, LSU 38
Ok, so LSU's defense does stink. Not shaky, it stinks. And so does the Georgia defense. And so do choppy sentences. I can't stop. Too easy. And too fun.

Anyway, I thought this was one of, if not the, best game I've seen Stafford play. He pretty much did whatever he wanted when he wanted. I'm not positive, but I believe a couple of his throws traveled close to 464 miles an hour. That's just my estimate so I could be wrong.

Obviously, a horrible LSU defense contributed to this loss, but the three turnovers by LSU's offense were huge (two of which were run back for touchdowns). All of sudden Jevan Snead, Casey Dick, and Chris Smelley have some competition in the not-so-coveted interceptions title. Jarrett Lee moved into a tie for third place with Smelley. Now that Smelley isn't starting anymore, look for Lee to certainly claim third for himself and possibly make a run at Snead for the top spot.

Mississippi State 31, Directional School 22
Sylvester Croom on if he was OK with burning true freshman Arceto Clark's redshirt eight games into the season (especially after Clark's stat line - 1 carry, 2 yards):
"Yeah. We're going to play him some more. Guys, I'm not worried about what's happening four years from now. I'm going to let somebody else worry about that if that needs to be. I'm worried about winning a game today. And burning a redshirt? Hey, all I want to do is win today. We're going to play him next week, we're going to play him the week after that, and what happens four or five years from now, I'm not concerned about."

Ladies and gentlemen, your reigning SEC Coach of the Year!

Ole Miss 23, Arkansas 21
I'm just glad it's over. If Arkansas hadn't have gotten screwed on that offensive pass interference call and kicked the field goal to win by one, I don't think I could have watched another Ole Miss game this year. This one nearly killed me as it was. Can we please stop this last possession of the game crap? People are going to die if this keeps up. I'm serious. Someone is literally going to keel over at an Ole Miss game. I just hope it's not me.

Alabama 29, Tennessee 9
A cyber high-five to all those smart enough to take Alabama at -6.5. That was one of the dumbest (and most rewarding) lines I can remember this year. It's a sad state of affairs in Knoxville when the most rewarding thing they'll be able to say at the end of the year is that they helped keep Vanderbilt from going to a bowl.

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