Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weekend Picks

From earlier tonight and I was wrong on both predictions. Auburn did not win and I did not watch any of the World Series:

"Full post coming later, but needed to get the Auburn/WV pick in before the game. I'm taking Auburn and fully expect to be driven to the Rays/Phillies game by offensive ineptitude, the likes of which we have never seen. Well, at least since the Auburn/State game."

Before the rest of the picks, it was nice to see Rick Cleveland dust off the "What if Mississippi had one university" column. This column usually makes an appearance every three years or so, but, while this one still had the usual "how great the school would be" points, it did have some nice history behind it. Really interesting stuff compiled by Cleveland and the historians he credits.

On to the picks....

Last week: 5-0
Season: 36-9

Kentucky at Florida
Urban Meyer is slowly crawling up my "I really don't like him" list. His general demeanor of arrogance and intensity comes off as really forced. Stalking around the sideline, he looks like a weekend softball player trying get himself jacked up to play the Roto-Rooter team. Does he really need to try that hard? And if he's such a great motivator, why did his team lose at home to a 3-4 team that can't make a clutch play to save its life? And now comes this: He likes to give recruits the Ed Orgeron treatment. Seriously. If Ed Orgeron did this, he would have been unmercifully mocked (and rightfully so), but since it's the great Urban Meyer, it means he's really intense and wants to win more than any other coach. That's like saying Urban Meyer likes to breathe more than any other person.

And let's not forget the quote announcers love to repeat during Florida games. Meyer said he wants to have "the fastest team in America." Announcers and talking heads gush over this as if he invented the forward pass. A coach wants to have the fastest team in America? Surely you jest. What a visionary.

Oh, and Florida wins.

Duke at Vanderbilt
Sphincter muscles across Nashville are tightening right now. The owners of those muscles know that if they lose this, there's a really good chance they lose out and don't make a bowl. I think Duke has an excellent chance to win because, while they aren't a good team, Vandy's offense is so bad Duke will be in the game. I'm taking Duke in this one, not because they'll go out and win it, but Vandy will self-destruct Ole Miss-style.

Georgia at LSU
At the beginning of the season, this was poised to be one of the premiere games in conference play and on the national scene. It's still a big game, but neither one of these teams have shown they're one of the best in the country or if they'll even be in Atlanta. LSU's offense is suspect (as their defense might be after the Florida thrashing) and Georgia does an amazing job drifting between a pretty good team and a mediocre team as the game goes along. Neither team is very impressive, but I think Georgia brings a little more to the table than LSU.

They've had a couple of wins where there really wasn't much doubt they'd win (Arizona State and Tennessee), while LSU had one (State) that ended up being a little interesting in the end (State cut it to 10 with just under three minutes to go). I know that's an idiotic thing to measure, but it does say Georgia has shown an ability to dominate at times (I'm not counting some of the scrub teams both have played). Throw in Richt's insane 27-4 record on the road and I'm taking Georgia in this one.

Ole Miss at Arkansas
As I stated before the season began, Ole Miss might go 1-11, but you could mark it down they'd beat Arkansas. I know Houston Nutt is ready for this game, question is will that translate to the players. I think it will because it may finally be dawning on these guys that when you push back good things happen (see: second half at Alabama). If they show up to play and don't turn the ball over multiple times, I think Ole Miss rolls in this one.

Directional School at Mississippi State
I noticed the line in this game went from -14 (State) to -10 in just a few days. That's pretty impressive. Obviously the betting public has no faith in the Bulldogs. I know State isn't very good, but the Blue Raiders stink. If Sly Croom manages to bumble this one away, I think it would be totally justifiable to can him before he reaches the locker room. I hope it doesn't happen because I would really like him to be there for another, oh, ten years. Only good things happen for the rest of the SEC while he's there. State slugs their way to a win.

Alabama at Tennessee
Why are people even giving Tennessee the time of day in this game? Attention world: Tennessee stinks. Has no one paid attention to the last seven games? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Alabama wins and makes people some money with a ridiculous -6 1/2 spread.

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