Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekend Picks

Last week: 5-2
Season: 21-2

Tennessee at Auburn
Is it just me or is this sort of a blah game? Tennessee stinks and Auburn isn't a fun team to watch. The people at CBS have to be kicking themselves for not picking Alabama/Georgia before the season started. In an extremely boring game featuring two bad offenses and one good defense, Auburn wins.

Arkansas at Texas
Let's hope Casey Dick throws to his team more than the other team. Do you think in last week's game against Alabama as he watched Casey Dick throw the ball all over the place, Bobby Petrino had flashbacks to standing on the Falcons' sideline watching Joey Harrington throw incompletions and interceptions?

Directional School at Kentucky
It's almost October and Kentucky has not played a conference game.

UAB at South Carolina
Wofford and UAB back-to-back and I doubt South Carolina gets any better. Can Steve Spurrier have one good quarterback at Carolina before he retires? Just one. We all need this.

Mississippi State at LSU
Paging Tyson Lee, paging Tyson Lee. If he doesn't play in this game, I think it's safe to assume he killed a guy with a trident. LSU wins, covers, and hits the over.

Alabama at Georgia
For Alabama to win, John Parker Wilson will have to finally make some plays, or more commonly known as throwing the ball to his team and not the ground or Georgia. I don't think Alabama will be able to run the ball with very much success, so the burden of the offense will fall on Wilson. If you're an Alabama fan, that can't be very comforting.

As a whole, I think Alabama is a little overrated. They're getting way too much credit for beating an average Clemson team. I don't think Georgia blows them out, but they'll win by double digits.

Ole Miss at Florida
If this is another close game and we lose, I'm not sure I can keep going. Take a look at this:

In the last five years, the Rebels have lost sixteen games by seven points or less. Sixteen!!! Really, I don't need this.

My prediction: Rob Park does something to lose the game (other than not being able to punt the ball over forty yards). Probably something along the lines of dropping a snap in the endzone and fumbling as he tries to pick up the ball and run. Florida will recover for a touchdown and we'll lose by two.

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