Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From the Weekend That Was

Alabama 49, Arkansas 14
As expected, Alabama ran, ran, and then ran some more. Glen Coffee spent most of the game looking like Sherman ripping his way through Georgia. Only, unlike Sherman, Coffee went across the state, turned around, crossed again, and finally plowed his way through a third time. And it should also be pointed out that Coffee is not an all-world running back, but merely a serviceable back. It's going to be a brutally long year on defense for Arkansas. Well, let's be honest, it's going to be a long year for everyone in Arkansas.

LSU 26, Auburn 21
Easily the most exciting and enjoyable game of the weekend. I believe LSU found that Harvard transfer Andrew Hatch is no longer an option at quarterback. Even if he ever remembers his first name again after having his brain bounce off the top of his skull in the third quarter, Hatch wasn't showing anything special. Granted, he didn't do anything dumb like throw the biggest nancy boy pass in the world to an Auburn defensive lineman, but LSU's offense wasn't getting out of first gear with him in there.

I thought if Auburn had been able to run at all, they could have come away with the win. Instead, they were forced into the Chris Todd Show, which, while better than expected, is not a pleasant way to spend a Saturday if you're an Auburn fan.

One final thought, it's almost like Les Miles is taunting the sports gods with his completely reckless decision-making. Abandoning the running game for a chunk of the game so his redshirt freshman quarterback can throw it around some. Throwing the ball deep in Auburn territory when a field goal wins the game (like last year). As a fan of a school permanently abused by the sports gods, it's only a matter of time before the bell tolls for Les Miles.

Florida 30, Tennessee 6
Speaking of the bell tolling, it tolls for thee Phil Fulmer, it tolls for thee.

Georgia 27, Arizona State 10
Arizona State is now 3-26 against top 25 teams since 2000. 3-26. Yet another team that gets way too much publicity for beating no one.

Vanderbilt 23, Ole Miss 17
In the last two losses, Ole Miss has managed to lose on a last-second field goal and a fumble on the two yard line. This was a game that Ole Miss wins by three touchdowns if they don't commit six turnovers (could have been seven if not for Burnell Wallace stealing one from the Vandy DB). Instead, Vandy gimps its way to 200 yards of total offense (outgained by nearly 2 to 1) and takes the game.

Kudos to the Ole Miss defense for playing their best game of the season. Unfortunately, it was wasted by Jevan Snead, who decided to don the #19 jersey and play Seth Adams for four quarters. In his last eight quarters, Snead has thrown six interceptions. He's making a run at Seth Adams unprecedented performance of twelve interceptions in twelve quarters. Not good times.

Just when I thought we had left the days of bad to shaky quarterback play, we're right back in them. I know Snead has much more talent than his predecessors, but there's no way I can trust him the rest of the year. Just know that when he's sailing along in a game later this season, he still has the four interception game in his back pocket.

One more thing, I know my prediction of a blowout win blew up in my face, but I'll take another shot at one: Vandy will not make a bowl this year. A team that limited on offense can't keep this up. Living off turnovers and other teams saving their worst game of the year for Vandy don't get you to a bowl ga.....wait a minute. Vandy is this year's 2007 Mississippi State. Horrible offense, opportunistic defense, every stroke of good luck imaginable. I can't think of a good name for this syndrome right now, but something will come to me.

Georgia Tech 38, State 7
You're staying with Wesley Carroll, Coach Croom? Really? I know absolutely nothing about Tyson Lee, but surely he's at least a 1% improvement over Carroll. Unless Tyson Lee spends his weekdays going to nursing homes and pushing old people down, he has to be the starter or get the majority of the playing time against LSU. No excuse why he shouldn't.

South Carolina 23, Wofford 13
Okay, so maybe Spurrier did throw up on the sideline.

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