Tuesday, September 16, 2008

From the Weekend That Was

Coming to you from the island nation of St. Kitts, it's an abbreviated version of the weekend recap. Got to watch a few games over the weekend and, most enjoyably, watched the Ohio State/USC game surrounded by Ohio State fans, all of whom were wearing not just jerseys, but the Wal-Mart brand Ohio State jerseys. Getting a first hand look at their souls being broken was possibly the highlight of this trip. Most of them cleared out by halftime, presumably to stare blankly in a mirror for a few hours, but one brave or moronic guy, a face painter, stayed for the whole game, much to the delight of two USC fans who let him know how bad his team stinks. On to the recap....

-Speaking of Ohio State, they're done. I don't want to hear about them ever again until they beat someone not from Ohio or the Big Ten. I don't want to see them ranked, mentioned on TV, or any talk about how they're coming around after Terrell Pryor lights up Indiana. They are done. And if they're ranked to begin next season, voters in those polls should have their houses looted and burned.

-Why does Georgia always have so much trouble against South Carolina? They have superior talent and every year it's a brutal game for them. Coaching perhaps? I'll say it, Mark Richt is not the fantastic coach he's made out to be. Great recruiter and good coach, but when Steve Spurrier with Chris Smelley and the Mediocre All-Stars had every chance to win the game, he's not one of the best coaches in football. I say that not based on this one game, but over the past several years. Just thinking about last year and I immediately remember Vandy and Alabama. Two teams Georgia was better than and had to have Vandy miss a field goal to tie (maybe win, can't remember) at the end of regulation, and needed overtime to beat Alabama. Granted, they won the games, but one break the other way and Georgia was an eight win team with top five talent.

-At first, I thought the Auburn/State game was a turn-back-the-clock night. You know, playing the game with a cow bladder for a ball, nickel cokes, programs for a penny, and men wearing those flat straw hats. Turns out it was a collision of whatever Tony Franklin's offense is called and Sylvester Croom/Woody McCorvey's West Coast attack.

What an absolutely horrible game to watch. Did State backup quarterback Tyson Lee sell dead parakeets to blind children? Because why in the world did he not at least get a few series just to see if something would happen? Everyone with a pulse knew Wesley Carroll was firmly entrenched in neutral (and sometimes reverse). Very confusing.

And kudos to Coach Croom for the worst coaching decision of the young college football season. Fourth and fifteen near midfield, three minutes left, two timeouts left, an offense that HASN'T CONVERTED EVEN A THIRD DOWN ALL NIGHT, and an Auburn offense that is handing out fumbles like Thanksgiving meals at a soup kitchen. What does the coach of the year do? Yeah, how'd that work out?

Everyone should send ESPN/Raycom or whoever (whomever?) a thank you card for not putting the State/Georgia Tech game on TV this week. Croom's West Coast versus Paul Johnson's first year triple option offense. I haven't looked, but it would not surprise me if the over/under was set at 22.

-Anyone go to the Ole Miss game? From what I read, it looked like a lifeless performance. According to the stats, the defense played like they should against a I-AA team (or whatever the stupid new name is). This week's game is pretty much a must win if this team is going to win six games to get to a bowl.

That's it for now. I'll put up my picks on Thursday when I'm back in the USofA.

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