Monday, October 18, 2010

A List of Everyone Still Mathematically Eligible to Win the SEC East

1.  VANDERBILT with 31 conference points (28 of which came against Ole Miss)

2.  TENNESSEE with 45 conference points

3.  Tulane (even though they last competed in the SEC in 1966)

4.  Anyone in the Coastal Division of the ACC

5.  Anyone in the Atlantic Division of the ACC (no one has any idea which team is in which division)

6.  A glow stick found in the parking lot of the state fair

7.  A box full of rusty nails

8.  The Vietnam veteran who sits on a milk crate on the corner of my street and makes friendly signs asking for money

9.  "Open Arms" by Journey

10.  The West Canaan Coyotes (sans Bud Kilmer edition)

11.  The 2028 Texas Tech Red Raiders (even with a true freshman quarterback, I can throw AND stop the run)

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