Monday, December 29, 2008

From the Weekend That Was

Do not challenge Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen to a swimming race. Here’s the link to the online article, but the print version in yesterday’s Clarion-Ledger had a small headline in the continued portion of the story that noted Mullen won a state freestyle race when he was 12. What editor decided that was the most compelling story from the second half of the article? “World traveler with some interesting stories from Europe or swimming title at age 12? It’s a tough call, but I like the swimming story. It’s the year of Michael Phelps!”

Greg Hardy’s biggest enemy is not his insanity. No, his area of main concern for hurting his draft status is not his reputation for being lazy, getting along with coaches or doing what’s best for Greg Hardy instead of the team, but, unbelievably, it’s steps. You know, those things that make up staircases. In this case, it was actually an escalator, but he also once took a tumble down the stairs in Meek Hall his freshman year. Unlike his fall in Meek, he won’t miss any practice this time, but someone needs to tell him it’s in everyone’s best interest if he just sticks to elevators.

John Chavis hitches his wagon to Les Miles’ fading star. One of the SEC’s minority coordinators is changing locations, but not jobs. There are probably a million jokes here about LSU losing its co-defensive coordinators, but the staff’s overall weight will stay the same. By the way, what minority group is Chavis a part of? I’m assuming “fat” isn’t considered a minority.

Gus Malhzan brings another high-scoring offense to more below average quarterbacks. A few weeks after trading Paul Rhoads for Gene Chizik, Auburn is bringing the former Arkansas savior and Tulsa offensive coordinator in to direct the Tigers’ offense. Unfortunately for Malhzan, he’ll be dealing with a pair of quarterbacks a step down from Casey Dick.

Detroit can cite crime and the first 0-16 team in NFL history as major reasons not to live there. Thank you, Matt Millen. Your gift to the sports world will always be looked on by those outside of Detroit with great fondness. Incidentally, I saw Lions’ kicker Jason Hanson interviewed in an article on the 0-16 season and couldn’t believe he’s still on the team. Anyone that was on an NFL roster in Tecmo Super Bowl is okay in my book.

Jay Cutler taps his inner Vanderbilt and the Broncos don’t make the playoffs. After leading the AFC West for 16 weeks, the Broncos fell apart down the stretch, giving the last AFC playoff birth to the San Diego Chargers. Cutler, who played his part in the loss last night by throwing two interceptions, spent a good deal of time standing on the sideline watching the Chargers shred his team’s defense for 289 yards on the ground. The last three weeks of the season saw the Broncos get outscored 112-54, reminding Cutler of the days at Vandy sitting on five wins and not making a bowl.

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