Sunday, January 11, 2009

From the Weekend That Was (and Most of Last Week)

My apologies for the lack of posting last week, but I'm very important and very busy. Well, not really. But I am lazy...

The SEC rapes the horses, rides out on the women and prunes the hedges of many small villages on its way to another BCS title. So I think it's safe to say the Big 12 offenses weren't the 800 pound gorilla with a chainsaw for its unit they were made out to be. When they go up against teams with actual defenses, they all become very average. Watching the game Thursday night, Sam Bradford looked like a good college quarterback, but never once made me think I was watching a dominant college player. While I'm not sold on the idea of him being worth a high first-round draft pick in the draft, I think he's much more legitimate than Oklahoma's past quarterbacks (looking your way Jason White).

On the other hand, the fourth best quarterback in the Big 12, Tim Tebow, racked up 330 yards of offense and killed Oklahoma with his ability to run and hit some big passes when Florida needed them. I don't know about Tebow's chances of being a pro quarterback (especially since he's coming back for his senior year), but when I watch him now, I know I'm watching a dominant college player. I was just as sick as anyone else at seeing that speech he made after the Ole Miss game, but the guy was incredible in the last 10 games of the year. But no, I do not want to get an apartment with him.

Florida's basketball team restores some confidence for Gator fans when they face Ole Miss. An extremely outmanned Ole Miss team got down big early, then rallied to make it respectable before finally losing 78-68. With a little over two minutes left, the Rebels cut it to six before Florida realized all they had to do was guard David Huertas and watch the shot clock run down before someone took a horrible shot with three seconds left on the clock. Normally, I'd be frustrated with this, but given the injuries and the high I'm still riding from football season, it doesn't really bother me. If this team manages to win five conference games, I'll be impressed.

Speaking of football, my head already hurts. I know it's ridiculous to even look at preseason polls less than a week after the championship game, but if you haven't noticed, Ole Miss is getting some serious love from the likes of Kirk Herbstreit and Colin Cowherd. Herbstreit put Ole Miss at number five and Cowherd had Ole Miss at NUMBER FOUR for the 2009 season. Even CnnSi's Stewart Mandel got in on the act and ranked the Rebels at six. In no way am I emotionally prepared to handle the pressure and expectations of any of those rankings.

I don't think Ole Miss will be that high when the polls come out in August, but I think you'll see the Rebels around 10 to 15-ish. Mainly because the majority football writers are lazy and don't really pay attention to the sport in which they have a major influence. So we'll see Virginia Tech, LSU, Ohio State and Penn State all ranked ahead of Ole Miss because of a lack of research and effort on the part of those writers. Either way, I'm already nervous.



Jack Bauer 7.0 is underway. After two hours, the season looks like it could be watchable, unlike last season's disaster. I'm still amazed that whenever a government agency tries to corner a suspect and seals off a building and establishes a perimeter to catch him, he gets away. First, it was CTU, now the FBI has the disease. Just once I'd like to see them catch a guy when they take either one of those steps.

And it was great to see 24 incorporate the black helicopters allegedly used by the FBI. The one in tonight's episode was taking a break from setting up the destruction of an SEC football program.

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