Wednesday, November 05, 2008

From the Weekend That Was

An extremely abbreviated version.....

Ole Miss 17, Auburn 7
Kodi Burns, the Ole Miss MVP, threw 3 picks against one of the league's worst secondaries. He also threw for 319 yards, mainly because the Ole Miss defense didn't let Auburn get any form of a running game going. Finally, Ole Miss wins a game it should have won. It was miserable to watch, but they got it done. Oh, and yes, it was especially nice to drive one of the final nails in the coffin of the coach who screwed us over 10 years ago.

Arkansas 30, Tulsa 23
What has three letters and absolutely nothing to do with Conference USA?

Kentucky 14, Mississippi State 13
Reading the recap of this game was probably as rich and compelling as actually watching the game. Just think State fans, if Michael Henig hadn't broken his arm last year, you'd be three games away from being done with the Sylvester Croom era.

Alabama 35, Arkansas State 0
John Parker Wilson's actual line: 15 of 28, 152 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT. The only thing I got right was the interceptions. Alas.

Florida 49, Georgia 10
As much as I don't like Urban Meyer, I found watching him trying to score an f-you touchdown on Mark Richt to be highly entertaining. And Urban, send the thank you note and flowers to the following address:

The University of Mississippi Football Office
c/o Houston Nutt
1810 Manning Way
Oxford, MS 38677

South Carolina 27, Tennessee 6
After Spurrier banished Phil Fulmer to the underworld for good, David Cutcliffe announced he was not interested in the Tennessee job. If you're scoring at home, that's two consecutive SEC job openings in which David Cutcliffe has said he had no interest when the respective schools, Alabama and Tennessee, had no interest in him. He should send out a blanket press release saying he is not interested in Kansas State, Toledo, Washington and whatever other jobs are open, including NFL jobs that will be open at the end of this year.

LSU 35, Tulane 10
Big win for LSU since they really need this one for recruiting rights in their st.....what's that? Oh, right. They are the only school in their state. Nevermind.

Weekend picks coming tomorrow night.

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