Monday, November 10, 2008

From the Weekend That Was

Georgia 42, Kentucky 38
Georgia nearly hung half a hundred on the Wildcats and had Mohamed Massaquoi not fumbled twice in the fourth quarter, they probably would have. While the Georgia offense continues to destroy everything it faces (minus F5 tornado Florida), the defense has the stopping power of Israel against the Babylonians and Romans. There's no way a Randall Cobb-led team should score 38 points on a defense, unless that defense belongs to a Norfolk State. Especially after the previous week when same offense lit up the scoreboard in Starkville for 14 points.

More than likely, Georgia will end the season in 70 degree weather in Florida and they'll be happy (as they should be to some degree), but what would it take to finally get Georgia fans fed up with these 9-3 seasons where they beat who they should and lose every big game they play? I know getting upset with a 9-3 season sounds ridiculous, but when you're the only big school in a state with lots of high school talent from which you have your pick, at some point you need to break through. I know they played in the Sugar Bowl last year (and deservedly so), but they were matched up with a crappy Hawaii team and destroyed them as they should have. I'm not so sure they wouldn't have folded like a wet sack against a more equal opponent, like when they lost to West Virginia and single-handedly gave the national media the right to claim the Big East is a real conference. And now, because of that, Pittsburgh or Cincinnati have a shot at going to a BCS game this year. Seriously.

I think it's going to take 35,000 Georgia fans freezing to death at a 24 degree outing in the Music City Bowl before national championship appearances become the demand of every Georgia fan.

South Carolina 34, Arkansas 21
Steve Spurrier tapped his inner Steve Spurrier and brought back the rotating quarterback system, which we've all dearly missed. Smelley hands off for a two yards gain, Garcia comes in to run the next play, only to have Smelley return on the play after that. On the surface, there appears to be no method to the madness, but somewhere deep in the recesses of Steve Spurrier's brain it makes perfect sense. We mere mortals will never be able to understand, but to Spurrier that bare spot in his backyard and the black Honda Civic around eleven o'clock with grapes and oranges combined with the record player couch table and hummingbird television paper gives him all the reasons in the world to rotate quarterbacks.

Wyoming 13, Tennessee 7
You know what I like about hockey? A guy cheap shots one of your teammates and it takes all of .6 seconds for someone on your team to start fighting that guy.

Oh, and Wyoming should play more games in SEC country. 2-0 since 2005.

Auburn 37, Tennessee-Martin 20

Alabama 27, LSU 21
John Parker Wilson didn't have to win this game when Jarrett Lee did everything he could to lose it. While Lee was a little worse than awful, and it was obvious he was from the start, he was called on to throw the ball 34 times even though LSU was having great success running the ball. That well thought-out formula lead to four interceptions, including the killer one in overtime. And in the bigger picture, he moved into a tie with Casey Dick, who threw three of his own, for the overall lead in the SEC interceptions race. Amazingly, six of Lee's interceptions have been run back for touchdowns, which most certainly gives him the edge in the tiebreaker.

With this win, we'll see Alabama and Florida in Atlanta in December. Then John Parker Wilson, then the bell will toll for thee. Well, that is unless, no, I can't say it. Well, remember Starkville last year? Oh, and Auburn? But surely not. I mean that would be silly.

Florida 42, Vanderbilt 14
I look forward to seeing the pennant/banner in the University Avenue Abner's celebrating Florida's national championship with the score to the Ole Miss game marked. And, of course, it will hang next to the pennant/banner created for the '77 Notre Dame team.

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