Thursday, June 07, 2007

Friday Classic Conversation

This week's Classic Conversation comes from yet another fine piece of American cinema. And when I say fine piece of American cinema, I mean the absolute worst movie ever made. That's right, none other than Armageddon. Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck star in a movie that made Congo look like The Godfather. And it just so happens they bring us our dramatic scene for today's conversation. The scene is right after straws have been drawn to determine who has to detonate the nuclear bomb and save the world but die in the process. And as you remember, Affleck's character drew the short straw. So here's Bruce Willis as Harry Stamper and Ben Affleck as A.J. (who apparently has no last name).

A.J.: Tell Grace that I'll, I'll always be with her. Can you do that?

Harry Stamper: Yeah. Okay kid.
[Pulls A.J.'s air hose out and rips off his own mission badge and hands it to A.J.]
Give this to Truman! Make sure Truman gets that! Get in there!
[Pushes A.J. back into the hatch and closes the door]
It's my turn now.

A.J.: Harry! You can't do this to me! It's my job!

Harry Stamper: You go take care of my little girl now. That's your job. I always thought of you as a son. I'd be damn proud to have you marry Grace.

A.J.: [Beginning to cry] Harry!!!

Harry Stamper: You take care of yourself.
[Pushes a button sending the hatch up]
I love you.

A.J.: No wait Harry I love you! Harry don't do this! I love you! No wait a minute!

Harry Stamper: Bye son.

Now that, my friends, is what we call acting. I'll need a few minutes to gather myself after that.

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