Friday, June 26, 2009

Not Working for the Weekend

Remember earlier this week when I mentioned I was working on an idea that is taking way too long to finish? Well, it still isn't finished. This whole thing has turned into a Waterworld of sorts. Huge buildup, budget blown apart, way behind schedule and I can only imagine the colossal disappointment when it finally makes its way into the public eye. Only the difference between Waterworld and my idea in the works is that there is no money involved (just time), the public eye is only like 20 people and Kevin Costner isn't hovering around making sure I spell his last name correctly on the check.

Plus, it's been so damn hot the past 10 days, I'm trying to do as little activity as possible, and that includes using my brain. Small aside: We're not yet to July and the heat index for the past ten days has been clipping along anywhere from 100 to 110. Looking at the next few days and today, our highs here in Memphis are 101, 101 and 95. As sorry as I feel for myself and everyone else, my real sympathy lies with my house's air conditioner. I'm treating it like Dusty Baker treats young pitchers. It's blasting icy cold air 23 hours a day while I sit on the couch wearing my wrist bands, spinning a toothpick in my mouth and thinking about the time I once had Kerry Wood throw 314 pitches in a single game.

(Back to whatever I was talking about.)
So, since heat is so miserable, I wanted to give you a post today that didn't require any thinking to prevent any possibility of you making yourself hotter. And no one likes active learning/thinking anyway. Spoon fed is the way to go. I present a few YouTube clips for your passive learning/thinking pleasure.

I emailed this to a few of you, but it's always worth another 50 views. Honestly, I can't stop watching this.

Even though this video is almost a year old, I'm sure those involved were arguing over beer because it was so damn hot in Memphis. How do I know they were arguing over beer? An eyewitness tells all.

How about another video from the great city of Memphis? If you're a local auto dealer, THIS is how you should make a commercial. My only regret over this video is that the Lil' Wayne promo at the end wasn't fully recorded.

And because these never get old, it's another news reporter being terrorized by an animal (or whatever a lizard is considered). My apologies for the music at the begining and end.

In honor of Manny Ramirez's future return to the Dodgers and restoring the baseball life of Andre Ethier (member of my fantasy team), here's an interview from last season he gave with fellow Dodger Angel Berroa. This video adds legitimacy to the theory that it had to be impossible for him to remember take his steroids and fertility drugs on a regular basis.

And finally, I feel it's necessary to mention the United States' soccer win over world number one Spain on Wednesday. So here are the highlights packaged in just under three minutes. And, as a bonus, the announcers are Spanish because it's always more fun to listen to guys scream in Spanish.

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