Friday, May 22, 2009

The Best, Worst and In Between of the Week: Point Break Edition

The best thing I can say about this week is that it's over and we're now one week closer to the start of football season. I couldn't muster the strength to create, then type a few biting sarcastic sentences about the NBA playoffs or Ole Miss' impressive two and done performance at the SEC Baseball Tournament. If I'm tired of writing about both of those, I am certain the few people reading are. So I'm mailing it in this week. 50% effort and 50% thought went into this final post of the week. Plus, anytime there's a possibility Point Break can make an appearance here, it needs to happen.


Other than Agent Pappas pretending to look for his lost dog, this is the worst scene in the movie.

Damn that Agent Harp! He just doesn't understand! And how absurd is it for Utah to bring his surfboard into the FBI office? Really? Couldn't leave that down by the car? Maybe in your office? A storage closet? I guess we're supposed to believe that the surfboard is the third member of the Utah/Pappas team, and if they're going to take a verbal lashing, then so is the board.

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